Mix CD Update and Radio Show
Posted in Honey on 09.21.04

Tonight I’ll be on the radio from 9-11pm EST, the station streams at www.wuag.net and it will be a lot of fun. I’ve noticed that the local reception to my show has been steadily improving over the past few weeks, I think the earlier time is a lot easier for people to listen in.

Mix CD news: the prototypes for the casing are done and look really swell. I had thought to compile both music I’ve posted and stuff I haven’t posted but judging by the comments most people rather have a real “Best Of” mix of the blog. I will start an open post tomorrow calling for suggestions of tracks to put on the mix and have that post run through the weekend for those who can’t leave comments feel free to email me track suggestions. I’d like to have the open post always at the top of the page, but I’m not sure if that’s possible, so hopefully those people who check the page weekly are able to find the posts.

Doretha Trowbridge was oft rumored to be several different people, most likely Dorothy Baker or Roosevelt Sykes’ wife or girlfriend. She has a very unique voice, one that often seems like she hasn’t been train, but that she just feels her way around the song. It also features a great broken quality to it that allows for all the technical issue fall away. Her amazing accompaniment by Pinetop Sparks also make Trowbridge one of the finest singers and interpreter of the blues.

  • Doretha Trowbridge – Bad Luck Blues (LINK FIXED)

  • My Monday Woman Blues
    Posted in Honey on 09.20.04

    I thought this cold weather was just a byproduct of Ivan, apparently not. I’m not all that sad about leaving this apartment anymore ,as apparently it’s pretty damn drafty. This weekend went pretty well, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is really awesome and features some great visuals, but I thought the climax was a bit underwhelming.

    After many requests for information, I finally found a Jim Jackson track the other day. The tune is from Charley Patton’s Poor Me and the lyrics run through a whole hosts of blues lines from a lot of different songs. What I like about the track is Jackson’s classic blues voice, a bit rougher than Mississippi John Hurt, but not as broken as Patton’s. Jackson recorded really early in the blues cycle, making his first record in 1927 after a long period of playing shows and touring. Jackson was very prominent in the blues circuit and played with such people as Frank Stokes (!), Memphis Jug Band and helped influence Furry Lewis and Charley Patton (who in turned covered several Jim Jackson songs).

  • Jim Jackson – My Monday Woman Blues

  • People Get Ready
    Posted in Honey on 09.17.04

    I think we’ve found an apartment, so hopefully this moving process won’t be too promblematic. I’m pretty excited this week is over and I have the Greensboro Fair, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Bergman’s Through the Glass Darkly to look forward to this weekend.

    I still have some apartments to look at this afternoon so a quick and bitter update.

    The Coup had a brief stint in stardom with their last album cover was to depict the blowing up of the World Trade Center Towers. Back in 93, they released their first album filled with socialist rhetoric and great beats. I liked this era Coup, when they still had E Roc than their later day material.

  • The Coup – Kill My Landlord

  • I’d Tear This Building Down.
    Posted in Honey on 09.16.04

    I had a meeting with my landlord today and they are gutting my apartment building next month. So I need a place to stay (2 bedroom) in the Greensboro area. Apparently that roof leak was the last straw and they are kicking everyone out soon. So that’s what I dealt with today.

    Thanks for all the comments about the mix CD. Apparently not everyone can leave comments in the comments section, so if that has been a problem just send me a short email. Judging from the comments I’m going to get working on this in the next week or so, but it might be delayed a bit because of the move.

    I’ve posted about Gary Davis before. I’m using his track “If I Had My Way.” out of context to channel my anger about my building. bleh.

  • Rev. Gary Davis – If I Had My Way

  • I <3 EarthLink (OH!)
    Posted in Honey on 09.15.04

    Because EarthLink’s policy of billing me for dial-up internet usage, for no real reason, I have been given a “secret” telephone number that puts me at the head of the support line. This came in handy because despite the previous attempts to fix the billing issue Earthlink has continued to charge me for dial up internet access, I once again had to call and get the 50! bucks they wanted me to pay removed from my account. What I’m trying to say is that this new number is hott.

    I’m thinking about either making a Honey, where You Been So Long Greatest Hits Mix, but I want to gauge interest in it before I plan any further. They will be free, just pay shipping to where ever you are. Let me know either in the comments section or by email (pkpatnaik at gmail.com) if you’d be interested.

    Victorica Spivey was one of the best selling artist during the height of female blues popularity. Between 1927-1930 she recorded almost once a month and worked with the very best from Lonnie Johnson and Clarence Williams to Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats. I like Spivey a lot for her unique and sultry voice, that convoys sexiness and heartbreak often in the same breath. I have some what of obsession with TB blues songs, and this track “Dirty TB Blues” features an amazing blues arrangement and Spivey’s hushed sadness and anger.

  • Victoria Spivey – Dirty TB Blues

  • Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again.
    Posted in Honey on 09.14.04

    I’m in the midst of watching Rebecca, so I’ll be brief. Radio Show! Tonight! 9-11! p.m.! E!S!T!
    www.wuag.net !

    Today’s track is by one of my favorite blues singers, Sippie Wallace. The career of Wallace is heavily tied her piano player Hersal Thomas. Thomas was one of the best upcoming talents and his work with Wallace reminds me a lot of Lonnie Johnson’s piano work with the great blues singers of the period. Unfortunately, Thomas died of food poisoning at an early age, and Wallace fell out of the music scene within the year. She made a few recordings in 1945 and then a handful more during the revival, but nothing would match her work with Thomas. The Man I Love, is one of the best blues songs, and easily the highlight of Thomas and Wallace’s collaboration.

  • Sippie Wallace – The Man I Love

  • Big Leg Women Gets My Pay
    Posted in Honey on 09.13.04

    Finally some good weather passed through Greensboro this weekend. I was sad that I missed the every intriguing Cookbook Fair on State St. I’m looking for a blank cookbook as well as a good vegetarian Mexican or South American cookbook, if anyone has any suggestions.

    Blind Boy Fuller is the quintessential Piedmont blues musician. The Piedmont blues is based around fast country influenced blues music about women, gamblin’, dancin’ and killing. It’s much more a “party” music that its Midwest counterparts. The nature of blues in the Carolinas was based around house parties and not moaning in the blues, but using the blues to uplift. Fuller helped to develop this style along with people like Rev. Gary Davis, Fuller’s unique style of guitar playing and playful accompanying instruments I think did more to influence the folk revival of the 60’s more than the Delta or Chicago Blues.

  • Blind Boy Fuller – Big Leg Women Gets My Pay

  • And The Snake Holds A Knife
    Posted in Honey on 09.10.04

    Sorry about yesterday, I had to do a lot of traveling and I wasn’t near a computer until very late in the evening. But hopefully the fun tracks this afternoon will let me back in ya’lls hearts.

    Also, I’m still looking for some tracks by Jim Jackson, so anyone has some, pass them along, please!

    I posted a track from Devendra Banhart’s new album during my top 10 of 2004 list a few weeks back and a couple of people commented on how much they liked it. So I’m posting a few more tracks by him today. The first one is “Surgery I Stole” from his first album, Oh Me Oh MY… The recording sessions that made up that album and the later Black Babies UK EP are from his home demo recordings, and feature very lo-fi recording values and softer vocal tracks. I might prefer his earlier recordings for the lack of pretense that seeps through his later recordings.The second track “Little Yellow Spider” is from his upcoming LP Nino Rojo, which compiled from the leftovers of his earlier LP’s recording session. Nino Rojo as a whole feels a lot like leftovers and lots of samey sounding songs, but features a few stand out tracks, such as this one.

  • Devendra Banhart – Surgery I Stole
  • Devendra Banhart – Little Yellow Spider

  • Hole In The Ceiling Blues
    Posted in Honey on 09.08.04

    The excess rain from Francis has expose five or six problems with the roof in my apartment. Here is the official transcript of my call to my landlord.

    Peter: Hi, This is Peter Patnaik from your XXXX Building apt B-4
    Lady: Hi, What seems to be the problem.
    Peter: The my ceiling has started to leak because of the excessive rain.
    Lady: Oh yea, I bet they are all doing that. hahaha
    Lady: I’ll put the order in, do you have any pots to put under the leaks?
    Peter: of course
    Lady: Just do that and we’ll have some one out sometime this week. hahaha
    Peter: Well. Um. Okay. Thanks.

    The only good news is that the leaks aren’t over my bed or computer and that the rain seems to be slowing down some. Her laughter about sent me over the edge, though. I’m sure the blackening skies are a good sign for less rain for the rest of the day, right?

    Mary Johnson came to fame by touring with and later marrying Lonnie Johnson. Although they never recorded together, Lonnie’s influence was definitely felt through Mary’s recordings. This track “Dawn of the Day Blues” features a virtually unknown piano player, Judson Brown, doing his best Lonnie Johnson barrelhouse piano impression, and a very skilled one at that, and the amazing Tampa Red on guitar. The play between Brown and Red is impressive and Mary Johnson easily keeps up with them. Great rainy day blues track.

  • Mary Johnson – Dawn of the Day Blues

  • Why College Radio Sucks.
    Posted in Honey on 09.07.04

    I’m not going to rant, but simply – college kids don’t know what professionalism is. Apparently, it had been decided I was to lose my radio show in favor of a shitty punk politics show before they had even talked to me if it was okay. So as a result, they are trying to figure how to fix this issue, I will not being doing a radio show this evening.

    Also I have a Request. I Am looking for a copy of Jim Jackson’s Kanasas City Blues (or anything else by Jim Jackson) email me at pkpatnaik at gmail.com if you have any info.

    Recently I have been going back and discovering some artists I had never really paid much attention to for various reasons and I stumbled across this gem of a murder ballad. I don’t usually post murder ballads, because I think a lot of people just try to typecast the blues as spooky, devil music. But maybe I’m just being unfair.

    I posted a Charley Jordan track “Keep It Clean” a few weeks back, which features some great word play and unique vocal phrasing. This track “Cutting My ABC’s” describes a shocking attack by Jordan on his cheating/mistreatin’ wife. It is frank and unremorseful and just a brutal torture.

  • Charley Jordan – Cutting My ABC’s