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Posted in on 08.17.05

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By enhm on 08.28.05 10:22 am

honey, where you been so long?

By richard on 09.15.05 4:30 pm

Hi, can’t get RSS to work (using Safari).

By bigbill947 on 10.12.05 5:48 pm

Do you by any chance have any Babe Stovall that you might be able to play….met him in New Orleans a few years before he died when I worked at “Your Fathers Mustache” nightclub there(the location of the club was where Jack Teagarden played his Last Stand,I forget the year ? ’65 ??? ) Well about 18
months after meeting him by Jackson Square , his National Steel Guitar was stolen. Babe passed shortly after….we all knew it was the loss of the guitar.

By Whoseblues on 10.19.05 4:07 pm

I’ve been looking for a blues tune I heard a couple of years ago on a local college radio station blues show. (I called the station immediately after the song aired, but they had already put all the disks away and couldn’t figure out where it might have come from. Kids!) You’ll know it’s not pre-war by what it’s about, which is SUVs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was called “The SUV Blues.” It’s sung by a male singer in a contemporary electric blues band format. It’s got great lyrics. Do you have any idea who it might be by? Thanks.

By bart on 10.26.05 2:32 pm

Great idea, the Blues Top!
Here’s my top 30:
1)witherspoon, jimmy – ain’t nobody’s business
2)howlin wolf – Moanin’ at Midnight
3)broonzy, big bill – louise, louise blues
4)dupree, champion jack – junker’s blues
5)broonzy, big bill – joe turner blues
6)broonzy, big bill – low down blues
7)williamson, sonny boy – you killing me
8)mitchell, rose – baby please don’t go
9)johnson, robert – come on in my kitchen [take 10)terry, sonny & brownie mcghee - i'm a stranger here
11)hooker, john lee - driftin' from door to door
12)witherspoon, jimmy - failing by degrees
13)? - why don't you do right
14)witherspoon, jimmy - outskirts of town
15)memphis slim - capitan, el
16)hooker, john lee - tupelo
17)king, freddie - have you ever loved a woman
18)Little Junior's Blue Flames - Mystery Train
19)james, elmore - it hurts me too
20)johnson, blind willie - lord i just can't keep from crying
21)howlin wolf - goin down slow
22)house, son - downhearted blues
23)waters, muddy - mannish boy
24)hooker, john lee - I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
25)hare, pat - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby
26)waters, muddy - got my mojo working
27)muddy & otis spann - five long years [live]
28)waters, muddy – country boy
29)tucker, tommy – alimony
30)broonzy, big bill – hey! bud blues

By Gerald Reed on 10.26.05 3:31 pm

Here are just a few of my favorites . . . Anyone that doesn’t like these just don’t like ‘da bluez!

Asie Payton – Just Do Me Right – Livin’ in So Much Pain.mp3
Asie Payton – Just Do Me Right – Why’d You Do It.mp3
Jo Ann Kelly – Key To The Highway – I’ve Been Scorned.mp3
Jo Ann Kelly – Key To The Highway – Two Nineteen Blues.mp3
Ted Hawkins – The Next Hundred Years – Strange Conversation.mp3

By Zach on 10.26.05 11:15 pm

Not in any particular order (that would be impossible to decide)

Robert Johnson – Crossroad Blues
Robert Johnson – Hellhound on my Trail
Leadbelly – Pick a Bale of Cotton
Leadbelly – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Skip James – Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues
Skip James – I’m So Glad
Blind Willie McTell – Savannah Mama
Muddy Waters – Rollin’ Stone
Muddy Waters – Louisiana Blues
Paul Butterfield Blues Band-Born in Chicago
Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Mystery Train
Mississippi Fred McDowell – You Got to Move
Mississippi Fred McDowell-Shake ‘Em On Down
John Lee Hooker – Tupelo
Little Walter – My Babe
Johnny Winter – Leland Mississippi Blues
Johnny Winter – Mean Town Blues
Duane Allman – Goin’ Down Slow
Allman Brothers – It’s Not My Cross to Bear
Allman Brothers – Statesboro Blues
Jimi Hendrix – Red House
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood
Blind Willie Johnson-Nobodys Fault But Mine
DeFord Bailey – Up Country Blues
Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O’Lee Blues
Derek & The Dominos – Key to the Highway
Ten Tears After – I Woke Up This Morning

I’m sure I forgot some good’uns

By Dave Y on 10.27.05 10:48 pm

Louie Armstrong & Oscar Peterson – I’ll Never Be The Same
Bix Beiderbecke – I’m Coming Virginia
Earl Hines – Blues In Thirds
Anita O’Day & Cal Tjader – I’m Not Supposed to Be Blue Blues
Sidney Bechet – Blue Horizon
Bessie Smith – Spider Man Blues
Memphis Minnie – Levee’s Gonna Break
Django Reinhardt & Stephan Grappelli – Fiddle’s Blues
Fats Waller – Wee Baby Blues
James P. Johnson – Weeping Blues
Stephan Grappelli & Yo Yo Ma – Love of my life
Johnny Winter – Dallas
Bob Wills – Faded Love
Joe Pass & Ray Brown – Limehouse Blues

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By Andrew Rogers on 12.16.05 5:03 am

Just paid up my $5, must be among the best value for money deals in Netdom!

For spam problems try, a filter service for about $30 per year, then Mailwasher-Pro from

Good luck.


By Andrew Rogers on 12.16.05 6:21 am

Any idea when the site will be working? I guess it would be too much work to relocate all those early blogs to the new site?


By peter patnaik on 12.22.05 4:59 pm

nothing should link to vanoast/prewarblues that was just an early attempt to store files. anything beyond the first pages in theory should be down since i can’t really keep all the songs up forever. if you want a certain song just email me and i’ll put it up.

By angmack on 12.29.05 7:53 pm

Thanks for the compliments on the renewal of Paramount interest in Grafton, WI.

Here’s my story taken from the site dedicated to sharing Grafton’s Paramount history:

People often ask us, “Why did you start this website?”

It all started when I, Angela, got a photocopied letter from a record collector named John Tefteller in my mailbox. It talked about how my hometown, Grafton, WI had a famous recording studio called Paramount Records in the 1920′s and 30′s. Being a musician, I laughed. “Yeah….right….”, I thought. “In those totally uncultured town of Grafton”. I threw it away thinking it was some chain letter. Nice going, John…… Surely, I hadn’t EVER heard of that before! Oh yes, I’ve heard about Grafton’s Lime Kilns. But a recording studio? NEVER!

Then, my condition, Chronic Creativity hit me a few years later. (see for the list of symptoms). I got bored. I was on the Internet. “Hmmmm….what shall I study??????? Grafton’s history!” So I started to research Grafton. Sure enough. John was right. There was a recording studio in Grafton. But then……I got mad. “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS? WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?” I was bound and determined to get the word out, contacting anyone and everyone that I could…..hoping for someone to take a “bite” out of this great story.

To make a LONG story short……..

When I discovered that nothing was being done about Grafton’s Paramount history and the legendary blues artists that recorded here, I knew that it must change. This passion was birthed out of 4 things:

1) a passion for the African American culture and the injustice they’ve faced in the history of America

2) a passion to influence the arts….to bring the arts to Grafton

3) a passion for music history as a whole

4) the spiritual lives of those who recorded here


1) It started with developing this website with my husband and Alex van der Tuuk from the Netherlands who spent 10 years of his life writing, “Paramount’s Rise and Fall” and the history of Grafton.

2) Next, I cast a vision to the Grafton Jaycees to hold a yearly blues festival. That will be happening September 23, 2006 at Lime Kiln Park in Grafton, Wisconsin.

3) Then, I connected with Barb from Grafton Area Live Arts to bring an “Embrace the Legacy” concert series with a focus on performers who could educate.

4) I initiated Michael “Hawkeye” Herman (international blues educator and performer) to perform for all 3 Grafton Elementary schools followed by an evening concert.

5) Next, I contacted the PBS show, “History Detectives” to see if they would do a show about Grafton’s Paramount Recording history. They will be doing a show next year that will air across the nation on public television.

6) Joe, a business man, purchased a building in downtown Grafton to turn into a Paramount Restaurant.

7) Now, THIS IS KEY…..The Grafton village president, Jim Brunnquell, has gotten key leaders in Grafton on board with this theme. We have been meeting with him as a group at the Village Hall. He thinks that this is the “identity” that Grafton never had. Many ideas are in place. There is much to this part of music history. I am thankful that the village is embracing the legacy. As the daughter of one of the recording studio employees told me, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”

Overall, Grafton is changing and will continue to change. A culture is being created. It’s about time!

This website has been maintained by my husband who is just as passionate about Paramount as I. It is dedicated to telling the stories, giving information, and educating the world as to how influential the music recorded, pressed, and distributed here really was on American culture as a whole!

Passionate about Paramount and embracing the legacy,

Patrick and Angela Mack

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By Dana on 02.21.06 5:03 pm


I have been searching for a few titles on LP that you may be able to help me with:

I am looking for titles on Stash Records out of Brooklyn, NY — especially AC-DC Blues, Tea Pad Songs, and Reefer Blues. If you are not familiar with these, they are reissues of 78s with “questionable” material. There is also a title called Street Walking Blues.

Do you know of any Internet retailers where I may find these titles? Ebay is only getting me so far.

Thanks for your help.


By Lou Novacheck on 03.25.06 4:08 pm

Whoseblues Says:
October 19th, 2005 at 4:07 pm

This posting asked for the artist of SUV Blues. It’s Mem Shannon.

By kristen on 07.10.06 2:14 pm

I don’t know anything about prewar blues but I know you. It seems like a dream or maybe another life-time but I remember…

By olenkojei on 07.11.06 11:18 am

i can’t play but love blues song, especially instrumental blues like “blues we like” and “blues boys tune”

it’s so early to say that i understand blues, but i’ll listen ‘n learn it.

i love u

By julian on 07.13.06 11:46 am

Orley Allen is my favorite musician!!!

By Thomas Asham on 07.21.06 1:18 pm

Please tell me how I can register and log unto your web site. thank you!

By paul gillis on 07.22.06 1:29 pm

How do I get a password? How do I use your site?



By David on 07.29.06 9:35 am

hi honey,
just to let you know i love the site but i’m unable to listen to anything prior to june 2005, i’m really keen to hear the moses mason track amongst others. everything afterwards is fine. also have you heard any of the sam butler/bo-weavil jackson gospel sides? i’ve heard a tiny snippet of ‘when the saints come marching in’ and it is absolutely amazing! he’s one of my favourite players.
thanks for highlighting so many amazing tracks and artists that i’d otherwise not get to hear!

By Evan Schroeder on 08.03.06 5:19 pm

I am very thankful for the songs you’ve made available. I love the song “Brownskin Blues” by Dick Justice. Is there any way you could post “Lonesome Man Blues” by George Torey?


By Russ Johnson on 09.19.06 5:29 pm


I run a site called I am starting to beef up the blues section of the site and I just wanted to tell you that this is the nicest site I have come across. Thanks for sharing all of this.


By Steve Sims on 11.14.06 9:52 am

Hey Honey,

It’s ok to be political, congratulations!

I like Nancy Pelosi, all power to her… let’s just say I’m a little left of centre – not too far, but anyone who dissolves in those old blues from time to time must get a certain awareness of injustice past and present, and want to see some change.

I’ve just bought the JB Lenoir double CD “Vietnam Blues” for about the 5th time – along with Dupree’s “Blues From The Gutter” it’s the one I keep giving away – I’m gonna hang on to it this time, oh boy is it good! What the blues may have become if JB had not died so young – the best of the best IMHO.

Get well laddie, we need you!
Cheers, Steve in Oz

By Tiger on 12.08.06 8:11 pm

Hey Cat! I visited a while back and have returned. I donated then to get the password but lost it, SO, I’m donating again!!!
This is totally worth it.
BTW people, New Orleans is totally worth it, too. Help any way you can – visit, listen to the music, eat the food. Don’t let politics rule your heart. People… THAT’S what’s important.

By Tiger on 12.08.06 8:13 pm

“… where did you sleep last night?”

By Antonio on 12.12.06 7:03 am

to start I must say that my english is’nt too good… I’m from Spain and yesterday I find this page cassually and… incredible!, the best blues in the net… I love Blues and I’m very happy to know you. If somebody want spanish blues, just say to me and I sent all the music that you want. I know that the spanish blues is’nt like yours, but we have nice music too.
Just to say thank you very much for this page… greatings from Spain

By joe on 12.23.06 12:34 am


i’m trying to find

Trixie Smith My Baby Rocks Me with a Steady Roll

have you any idea where can i get this key song?
Tanx in advance

By david cornwall on 12.24.06 7:35 am

thanks you so much for putting up the sam collins sides. do you have any of these songs which were released on document and other label’s compilations:
Signifying Blues
I’m Still Sittin’ On Top Of The World
My Road Is Rough And Rocky (How Long, How Long?)

there is also the amazing lonesome road by collins which i have from”century of the blues” compilation.

i was wondering if you could also get away with posting the now impossible to get hold of sides of arthur petties (i have good boy blues and two time woman which are both stellar), mississippi caldwell bracey, freddie spruell, bo weavil jackson – i see you like a lot of his stuff too, thanks for making this available but there are others that sound great on small clips.

By chuckalucka on 01.09.07 12:02 pm

What are the earliest recordings do you have in your collection regarding the topic of TRAINS? I have amassed a huge collection of train songs and am always looking for other sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I’ll look over my collection to see what I can send you.

By Briano on 01.20.07 2:20 am

Wow! You got a great site here my man. I have recently been getting into oldschool blues, and sites like this are a god-send to me. You have far and away one of the best ones out there. Keep it coming…I appreciate all the great music and tidbits of info I otherwise probably wouldn’t have much access to. Cheers!

By david cornwall on 02.05.07 12:18 pm


thanks for putting up the last of the sam collins issued sides. he was such am amazing singer and guitarist.

can you please mail me back with how to join the site and obtain a password. i love the site and hate to feel like i’m missing out!

By CARLOS DIEZ on 02.28.07 9:36 am

Increible, very good

By oliver on 03.01.07 10:18 pm

Hey, maybe I’m stupid (I don’t think so; but it happens with me), but how do I get into your site as a member? I can’t do it! Good Lord I can’t even find a request for cash!! It makes me quiver!!!!
Good luck to you, but please get in touch with info. By the way, I am a lover of reggae – “roots” as in A. Pablo, Y. You, Joe Gibbs, etc. etc. – and see the parallel with the blues, especially the early stuff. But I’d really like to hear more to confirm my theories and just to enjoy it. Anyway, this sems to me like a great use of the Interweb, and Good Luck to all contributors here…

By oliver on 03.01.07 11:27 pm

Sorry, I have just read the comments posted here, and it seems that I’m not alone when I don’t know how to become “eligible” / “subscribe”, whatever it is. This is madness; the writing is good, the information is priceless: you should have a beautiful “” hit on your hands, which you can then refuse to sell to the media twits (Paramount, for example). And then all contributors can both love you to bits and feel good about themselves…
Although I absolutely sympathise with the indolence…
Anyway, surely the point is to distribute the love of the music? That’s what comes across here. Plus a fully justified anger (I’ve read angmack’s post – is it the same “Paramount” that we all know and despise? Please don’t make this lovely site just into a parochial harangue against your local council – but don’t forget to include that too! Seriously, this is not good (from your town authorities)).
Anyway! I’m incredibly glad this site exists and I found it by googling my favourite “pre-war” song (I’ve written about this on your “willie the weeper” page – And through this site I’ve found absolute classics like Blind Willy Johnson’s “Motherless Children”. But you could help me and others find and love so much more. You have the knowledge – help us “dummies” get there too.
Best regards
By the way, if it’s a pay site, as I kind of understand from a couple of posts on this page, there’s no way I could physically pay by Internet (I’m in Ukraine without multinational support, for example). And I’m probably not alone in this world – can you find some other means of payment? Or just make it free for a basic service? Whatever, please continue doing it!

By Marcos on 03.09.07 9:16 am

….from Alicante (Spain). Thank you for being there

By aqxlkg on 03.20.07 7:59 am soma ptf

By Rhudi on 04.06.07 11:29 pm

There is a song I want to ask you about but when ever i try & send a letter out to you it keeps coming back to & not going through to you. I am using the address that you have listed & I still have no luck. What do I do next so that you can answer it for me? Also how does one join your site & obtain a password.

Thanks & have a Happy Easter

By Marcelo Pereira on 04.16.07 11:48 pm

The new design is classy indeed. Congratulations!

By Private Beach on 04.17.07 4:51 am

To the person who asked where to find a Bessie Smith track, everything she recorded has been reissued by Columbia Legacy on “The Complete Bessie Smith” in 5 volumes of 2-CD sets. It’ll be on there somewhere – check the Amazon listings to find which volume.

As for your new design, I find it just a bit too “busy”. The bees on the right obscure the words a bit.

By Bruno on 04.17.07 10:41 pm

How do i get a password to reach the playlists?

By Guillermo Fernandez on 04.18.07 4:13 pm

Hi, how I get a password to enter in the links?. Thanks, This site is wonderful. I am from Argentina. Best Regards. Guillermo

By dave ferrington on 04.19.07 2:22 am

Hey really good site..I play the blues and would love to see what videos youve got…how do I get a password…thanks

By Alias Iaffei on 04.25.07 4:58 pm

With its page, I got the key to the highway

By SJM on 05.03.07 4:39 am

Awesome site. Was wondering if there’s any chance of getting some early jump blues up on the site? There was some pre-war jump and I think it would be great to see it promoted on the site.
You dig?

By Alias Iaffei on 05.12.07 10:03 pm

Thank you for this page

By Pat Strei on 05.15.07 7:00 am

This is a great site and has allowed me to hear music that years ago I would have had to spend days and months prusuing through dusty record stores.

I am still learning to navigate your new look. What happened to all the links? I had been using your site for a jumping off spot, as well as enjoyig the wonderful content

By Jeff Davis on 05.15.07 4:27 pm

Please how do I join?

By GOOSBY on 05.15.07 9:53 pm

i have reason to belive fannie may goosby is my great grand mother..this is serious. i grew up with my father but my mother said my dad use to talk about a singer from back in the days but she dosnt remember exactly who she was too him…please send me all the info you have on fannie may goosby….thanx and God bless
ps. im now an recording artist now also mabey it runs in the blood.

We play recordings of blues and jazz music on our local community radio station, and . We were referred to your website by a listener to one of our radio shows. We think your website is wonderful and an excellent resource. We were blown away by the track Memphis Stom by the Blues Boys, which we had not heard before,, and we totally agree with the comments you made in October 2005 about this wonderful piece of fiddling.
Thank you.

By Johnny Disco on 05.29.07 10:45 am

This is a great site honey.Like everyone else I’d like to access the stuff I can’t access at the moment. Any chance?

By strat321 on 05.30.07 12:10 am

stumbled here via macworld article. like the post above, how do I earn a password to get a listen to this great collection?

By Christopher on 06.01.07 1:06 am

What a great find! A wonderful website… Now how do I listen to the password protected stuff?


By banjopaolo on 06.04.07 3:30 am

Hi I’m a blues and jazz musician, I’d like to visit this intersting site, and to be able to log in for downloads, but I can’t find a section where to register myself…

By Roo on 06.07.07 12:00 pm


just to let you know I’ve featured you in a sort of ‘six of the best’ music blogs post I’ve done over at my blog at

Just thought I’d spread the love. Keep up the great work.

By Vera on 06.13.07 1:10 pm

I just wanted to say, that this website single handedly started my love of early blues. I was looking for a song from the movie Ghost World (Skip James – Devil Got My Woman) and stunbled upon this. Thank you SO MUCH for turning me onto something amazing. Keep up the great tunes.

By Lisbeth on 06.24.07 1:53 am

Love this site. I’m a bit late to the scene, but have an interesting bite (sound) of Elvis doing a few bars of Stagolee – from a rehearsal. Love all of the music. But would love to hear some of the broken links for Stagolee and by the way the Beach Boys version is truly awful. Thanks for your hard work

By nina on 07.02.07 4:52 am

how do I get a log-in and password?

By alan smith on 07.02.07 3:22 pm

Hello – this site looks wonderful but how do I get to join and hear all this great music?

By Harv on 07.14.07 11:04 am

How do i get a password?

By vegas randall on 07.19.07 9:27 pm

wonderful site,how do I get a password?

By Mike on 07.31.07 1:34 am

How can I register and get a password?

By rowan on 08.09.07 6:34 am

irene scruggs guitarist sounds like king solomon hill (joe holmes).

By Twill on 08.20.07 2:28 am

I have to thank you fo rthis blog/alog/whatever you cal it i will look forard to your postings as long as your around or i supercede your knowledge! Rhank you sir! Again three huzzaa your way! Pre-war blues my love and you are the shepard of what I have yet done made.

By Bill W on 08.25.07 6:37 am

My question has already been asked many times, but the answer seems to be a well-kept secret: How do I register and get a password?

By chris on 08.25.07 3:40 pm

Very cool website. Expanding my horizons each time I view it.

By brian applegate on 08.25.07 7:30 pm

would you please send me a password so that i may enjoy all your music

By Pat Cisarano on 08.28.07 6:32 pm

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY. I am a singer, mostly blues, and I am always looking for interesting songs. Tonight I came upon your site, and it is like striking gold. Now I need to know how I can become a member so I can access all of this material that awaits me. Lately I’m searching for risque blues to perform, although not out and out filthy songs, more like double entendre stuff. I do appreciate the dedication to the music that I see here. I admit that I could never do the work that it takes to organize a task this huge! Thanks!!!

By Pat Cisarano on 08.28.07 7:07 pm

Here I be again. Hate to be so unoriginal, but agter click upon click, poor Pat coulnd’t find her way into the music. So, the all-too-uninteresting answer to tat question “Honey, where you been so long” at least in this case-is- I was trying to get in, Baby, ya gotta believe me! I couldn’t find the key, Daddy I thought I had it with me, but why’d ya lock the DOOR!! Don’t ya love me anymore? You bread my heart when you do that, sugar. Don’t you know I was standing out in the RAIN?, And then it started to SNOW! I dun TOLD you I wuz comin’ tonight. Don’t you go askin’ me where I been now. That’s just WRONG. All kidding aside, if such a thing is possible, if you want to get the lowdown on me, just go to

Now that I’ve finally found you, don’t shut me out!

By Pat Cisarano on 08.28.07 7:11 pm

Sorry for all the misspellings. I was overly excited. Won’t happen again, promise. Oh, the humiliation!

By Darren Johnston on 09.11.07 11:50 am

FANtastic site. LOVE the pre war blues. My question/comment is probably your favorite: How do i get a password? Thanks…keep up the great work.

By Sean Foley on 09.11.07 3:11 pm

Same question as Mr. Johnston – may I please get a a password?

By Roy on 09.14.07 12:25 pm

where u at?

By rowan on 09.15.07 7:31 pm

hi,how do i apply for a password,please

By james miller on 10.01.07 1:35 am

Loved the album:Detroit After Hours”. Thank you very much. I really appreciate all that you do.

By Jens Schilling on 10.05.07 4:09 am

Great site, thanks a lot. But how is it possible to register and to get a password?
Thanx Jens

By James on 10.11.07 1:19 pm

I see that the password is to be had when you make a paypal donation, but the link is non-functional. Is your paypal account on the same email as listed?

I just came across your site, and I am very appreciative. Almost every track is sweet aural candy, and is the kind of stuff that I have been looking for but cannot find. Thanks for your good taste and fine selection.

By Todd Beckman on 10.18.07 1:57 pm

Excellent website.

By Todd Beckman on 10.18.07 1:58 pm

Excellent website!!!

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By CARLO SACCO on 10.26.07 5:30 am

It’s incredible!!
I like blues music (& rock music) especially pre-war-blues & Chicago electric-blues.
How I can register & log into your site?.
How do I get a password?

By ron on 10.26.07 6:42 pm

To Whoseblues:
The question is two years old, but I only read it five minutes ago, SUV blues is by a band from Austin: the “Asylum Street Spankers”, It’s been covered by Mem Shannon later I think.I interviewed the Spankers 3 weeks ago, it’s on my site, but it’s in Dutch, but ther are photos of the band in action. Great band. Ron (

By ron on 10.26.07 7:09 pm

The question about the SUV blues, i think it’s by a band called The Howling Coyotes.


By Jeffrey Seymour on 10.28.07 7:27 pm

how do I get a password. ? Thx

By Matthew on 10.29.07 4:09 pm

Love the site, can’t get enough of it. Thanks for the cool stuff.

By shaun david ytterland on 11.05.07 9:16 am

hello there! great site. could you re-up load texas gladden – one morning in may?? id really like to hear it!

By Q Borgwat on 11.10.07 6:44 am

I’d like to register.
How can I do that?

By John on 11.12.07 6:35 pm

Excellent site. Really good music. Well done!

By jon on 11.26.07 4:50 am

Always enjoy stopping by! I assume you know Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard’s version of “Mining Camp Blues”?

By jon on 11.26.07 4:52 am

if that link doesn’t work, try

By Allen on 11.27.07 7:50 pm

how do I get a password to your web site?….great blues site!

By john on 12.03.07 7:31 pm

You can get it at Amazon UK .

Just order it as you would from Amazon here in the states and you’ll get it just as easily. TYour charge card converts to pounds and everything. I got the latest Alabama 3 cd and the double cd by Loudon Wainwright III with “T-shirt” and “Final Exam” which weren’t available here at the time. Shipping takes about an extra week.

By KKT on 12.04.07 12:26 am

Powell’s has “Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes”

By NC on 12.04.07 5:30 pm

Erm, apologies for this, but I’ve been meaning to ask … there’s a song in your archives by Willie Brown, ‘Make Me A Pallet On The Floor’, that doesn’t seem to be available any longer. The link is still there, but after the site was redone it seemed to direct to a completely different MP3, which makes me rather sad as I’ve always wanted to re-download it.

I hope it gets fixed some day, anyways, as I love that song and have long since lost the MP3 after switching computers a few times. Thanks for this great site, at any rate.

By David Kaufmann on 12.11.07 12:18 am

How do I get a password? This looks quite wonderful.

By Juan on 12.18.07 2:17 am

Hi, I’m really digging this site. I grew up with this somehow in the backwoods of Missouri during the 70s, or at least that’s how I imagine my childhood. It must have been all the fields, humidity, and dirt roads everywhere. In any case, was wondering the name of the track titled for now as “Willie Brown – Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (1941)”. It’s instead some woman singing and the track shows up as “Make Me Know It (Take 2 – Test)” on the Female Blues Singers – Complete Recorded Works album. It’s a fabulous track. Man, I just love this stuff.

Also, could be included on your list as well. Really, I’m kind of learning about the blues, and am digging the older stuff. Many thanks ahead!

J in Los Angeles

By Rochelle on 12.23.07 1:39 pm


Heard about this on Fresh Air, Terry Gross program on NPR. They want to digitize all gospel music

Baylor University || Electronic Research Resources || Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

Rochelle Nordmann

By Bill Meacham on 12.24.07 2:27 pm

Fantastic! Thanks for the work you do on this.

By Skip Yarus on 12.26.07 9:47 am

How do I get a password?

By Richard Flohil on 12.26.07 10:01 pm

Love the contest of this wonderful siote, which I;ve been watching for a while. But, PLEASE, it’s hard – nay, almost impossible to read like brown type on a brown background.

You HAVE to redesign the site. The point is to make it READABLE, and right now it;s a serious pain. Looks good; doesn’ work!


By bluek7 on 01.02.08 4:25 pm


By alan watkins on 01.04.08 7:04 am

Just been advised of your site by Guardian newspaper article today, looks awesome–how do I get a password?

By iain on 01.04.08 11:08 am

Looks great but how do I get a password/register

By Alistair on 01.04.08 11:43 am

Brilliant website – got the link from the Guardian. Thanks for all the work you put in

I saw your post from ages ago about the Blind Willie McTell book. Have a look at this link for it (if you haven’t already got a copy)

By Robert Cope on 01.04.08 11:52 am

How do I join?

By Paul Davies on 01.04.08 3:34 pm

Love your site, but
how do I get a password?

By Blueshound on 01.04.08 3:35 pm

Great site,Iam a lover of the Blues,Soul ,Gospel, How do i get a password?

By Blueshound on 01.04.08 3:36 pm

Password, How do i receive one?

By Liam on 01.04.08 5:08 pm

Hey man, I love blues and found your site after reading an article in today’s Guardian. Looks fantastic and I was wondering how to get a password…

By Dave Owen on 01.04.08 7:29 pm

Great site – how do you get a password?

By williem on 01.05.08 9:35 am

read articale about your site in the Guardian, interested in researching
Kin Solomon Hill

By pontyboyo on 01.05.08 9:44 am

Read about your site in the Guardian.
Sounds interesting.How do I obtain password?

By pontyboyo on 01.05.08 9:51 am

great site

By williem on 01.05.08 4:48 pm

wonderful site!

By Mark Smith on 01.06.08 5:38 am

Agree with all the above – looks like I’ll be a regular visitor, but, as with the others, would like to know how to register/get a password.

By tony maguire on 01.06.08 5:17 pm

I,m with them! Great site & would like password

By bob on 01.07.08 2:16 am

Fabulous site! As with others, I’m wondering how do I get a password?

By Paul Davies on 01.07.08 1:31 pm

still no password information.
I would like to upload some stuff onto your site – charlie patton, tommy johnson – that kind of Delta Blues stuff. Is that possible?

By David Griffiths on 01.11.08 9:13 am

I read about your site in a recent article in the UK newspaper The Guardian, and would like to know how to register/get a password.

By Colin Mills on 01.19.08 4:21 pm

I’d love to be able not just to access some of the earlier postings (e.g. May 2004) but also download the tracks which said downloads seem to be no longer available, could you please amend the links so they are available again? Regards, Colin from Amersham

By sorryboy robinson on 01.20.08 8:00 am

I don’t seem able to get past this! I want to register but I am having great difficulty1

By Lou on 01.22.08 8:16 pm

Why don’t you set up a paypal account? It would make things seem less like a spy game, in addition to eliminating about half the postings to you. Speaking of which, why do keep them in the letters column? Who wants to read about the frustrations? Let’s read cogent, meaty comments, not gripes.

By Lou on 01.22.08 9:41 pm

To chuckalucka
Check out Very interesting, informative site. Look for references to Max Haymes, the author of a book called “Railroadin’ Some: Railroads in the early Blues.” Far as I know, it’s not available in the US, but I can probably score you a copy from Max. He’s in the UK, so it won’t be cheap with shipping, but it’s a fair price. And you can have it signed, too. Contact me at

By Bob Linn on 01.23.08 9:26 pm

About a year ago I sent you a song, “Weave Room Blues,” sung by Fisher Hendley. At the time you asked about information on the singer, but I had none. The other day, by chance, I found some information about the song, and, in checking that information, also found out about Hendley. “Weave Room Blues” was written by Dorsey Dixon who was from the North Carolina Piedmont. Dixon worked in textile mills but also wrote songs and sang throughout his life. He recorded with his brother, Howard, and they were fairly well known as the Dixon Brothers. “Down with the Old Canoe” was one of their more famous recordings. Dorsey wrote “Wreck on the Highway,” which he titled “I Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray.” I found the article on Dixon in the Winter 2006 issue of Southern Cultures the publication of The Center for the Study of the American South at UNC. It’s a great article. Fisher Hendley was also from the NC Piedmont. He attended Trinity College which became Duke. He had a band called The Aristocratic Pigs; they performed in pancake makeup and formal attire. Here’s a website I found that gave this info on Hendley.

By Jinx Lennon on 01.26.08 8:21 am

Good man Peter i have been trying to turn on people to your site these couple of years, thanks for introducing me to all this great music its definately made my record collection a lot better,hope your pc problems will diminish pronto keep it lit!

By Blair McQuarrie on 01.29.08 2:22 am

Hi Peter. Great web site. I paid my donation on the 24th of January, and would love to gain access to the donor features. Can you give me some idea when I will recieve my password?

By JohnnyMercer on 01.29.08 1:10 pm

looks great
will this get me into the stagolee archives?

By Com on 01.29.08 1:44 pm

Love the selection of music but how do I join in the fun?

By csadag on 01.31.08 1:24 pm

It looks great but how can I get a password?

By warick hunt on 02.07.08 5:08 pm

love to join in upload/download tracks same question,how do i join and get a password

By Brent Elskan on 02.15.08 12:44 pm

Thanks very much for your site offerings. The blues here definitely needs to be kept present and you help a lot doing that.

And for all those who will come here to ask, you Donate via PayPal to receive a password for the locked portions (like I just did :).

By sam on 02.19.08 8:02 am

This is a truly fantastic web site, I’ve been eagerly trawling through your archives from the moment I stumbled upon it.
I remember hearing a James P. Johnson song on a record many years ago which must have been the basis for Jimmy Jazz’ by the Clash – there were plenty of lyrical similarities and it may have even been called Jimmy Jazz, I can’t remember. I haven’t seen the record anywhere since or heard any mention of the song anywhere. The Clash’s song is credited as an original. Do you know anything about the song, where I could find the James P. Johnson version, or whether anybody else recorded it?

By Roberta on 02.22.08 11:40 am

If I make a donation, does that give me (easier) access to all of the older MP3s, or just the various mixes that you’ve put together?



P.S. Great site!

By Emilie on 02.24.08 12:43 pm

this is a really great site, is there any way for me to access the older mp3′s/ password protected pages such aa your top 25?

By Marcelo Ponce on 03.14.08 7:31 pm

We are Afro American Music®, an entity independently in Argentina dedicated to diverse activities related to the education and artistic production field. It counts with Marcelo Ponce as the Musical Director and Viviana Dallas as the Vocal and Style Advisor. Our main objective is to spread African American Music such as Country Blues, Urban Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Negro Spirituals and Gospel. We would like to keep in touch with you.

By Peter Brown on 03.19.08 11:58 am

Hi, Great site but the usual question, how do i get a password??

By Priyapravas on 03.21.08 7:18 am

This is excellent and very educative. Thanks a bunch!

By Lou Curtiss on 04.08.08 2:54 pm

You Know St James Infirmary & Streets of
Laredo come from the same root song called
“The Unfortunate Rake” (see 2 LPs: #1 on
Smithsonian Folkways & the other is on the
Library of Congress collection. Check them
out. Check out my website at Folk Arts
Rare for some old timey sides.

By David on 04.15.08 11:04 pm

How can I get a password

By will kimbrough on 05.02.08 7:42 am

Great site. Thank you for all the incredible music.

By Danica on 05.14.08 3:16 pm

Again, how does one get a password?
I’m eager for access.

By Claudio on 06.05.08 5:07 pm

Hey, did you ever listen to those songs I sent you? I sent a Doc Watson version of St. James Infir. with Taj. Then a work song by Moses Platt and some more modern influenced blues. Lemme know if the email went through….

ciao from italy

By david edmondson on 06.06.08 1:21 pm

whwre can i get a 78 by edith johnson and baby jay on paramount cant make another day
regards and great web site

By Justin on 06.15.08 1:43 pm

Beautiful site.

By Jake Wade on 07.06.08 4:36 am

Thank you for a great site, it’s great, it sends me off on even more blues reserch. As soon as I can I will send some monetary help, the site always fills my head with ideas and I have never wrote and formally thanked you! I appreciate all the work you have done.

By Daniel on 07.09.08 2:13 am

Hello. I love your website! I have a little Blues blog that mostly concerns Country Blues. I’m not sure if you have links to other Blues blogs on your site, but I’d LOVE it if you’d in some way make people aware of my blog. I spend a lot of time on it, mostly reviewing discs, and I think that I can save people money and/or point them in the right direction in terms of what cds to buy. I’m looking into uploading music to my blog, as well. Thank you very much! The address is:

By Reni on 07.10.08 1:19 am

Have you heard the song by Dolly and Porter that is about Little Jeannie. Don’t know the official name of the song, But know they sang it together.

Thanks, Reni

By Marcelo on 07.16.08 8:52 pm

The Saint James Infirmary packet is fascinating – A million thanks!

By Doug on 07.17.08 1:58 pm

Just wanted to give you a thanks for all the great posts. You have really turned me onto a lot of great music. I love the St. James post, and wanted to point out a version I just found elsewhere and don’t think you have listed.

By John Pearson on 07.18.08 6:24 pm

Great site, great songs.
Do you know a song called “Press my button, Ring my bell” ?
I think it was on a Camden LP of women blues singers in the late sixties. Not quite “Shave ‘em dry”, as rather more subtle…

By Marenqo on 07.22.08 2:02 pm

added you to my blog list at

Feel free to add me to your links



By jeff barras on 07.30.08 8:16 pm

great site, thank you very much

By Pete on 08.06.08 11:19 am

Great site, are you still interestet in further versions of st james infirmary? I could add one by a german guitar-player by the name of werner lämmerhirt

so long


By lovehaight on 08.13.08 9:03 am

Can Ijoin? thanks!

By tonicBelly on 08.17.08 3:22 am

cmon now, i left you some good field recordings some people would love to listen to on this site…moses platt

By dianalily on 08.24.08 7:23 pm

Oh, you are wonderful. I used to do various “women’s blues” shows on college & community radio. My knowledge of the subject has been greatly expanded by your offerings. From an interest to an obligation now back to a wonder, Thanks – d.

By Duncan Walls on 09.04.08 1:43 am

The Mystic Knights video is fantastic! How very solid behind the times they were…by the way that is Danny Elfman singing lead, I believe…soundtrack composer extraordinaire for Tim Burton’s films (Batman, etc) and numerous other projects …just google his name and see.

Your site is great…did I see Phil Harris on the St James list? Must have missed it, it’s got to be there. If I don’t see it on rechecking the list I’ll do a vinyl/cd transfer of my old Camden LP for you.

By Duncan Walls on 09.04.08 1:50 am

Thought so…I didn’t see Phil Harris listed. I will do a CD transfer of the track…and check my AVI collection also. Give me a couple of days as I work nights starting tomorrow and will have to do some digging. I am honored to be able to contribute what is the first version I may have ever heard (perhaps beyond seeing the Betty Boop cartoon back in the mid-1950s as a kid)and have somehow managed to maintain a copy of until now.

By Vaughn on 09.11.08 5:15 pm

A brand new version of St. James Infirmary has just turned up by THE GUTTER TWINS on their new EP “ADORATA”.
It’s a good one too, featuring a fantastic vocal by Mark Lanegan.

By robert on 09.12.08 2:36 am

How can I get a password?

By Gary Grainger on 09.25.08 4:59 am

Just thought I’d let you know I’ve just started presenting a weekly blues show on a local community radio station that is currently broadcasting internet only at It is on Monday nights 8-9pm UK time. The first show was last week and the playlist is at my blog as well as at I’m trying to get the show uploaded as a podcast. Check it out and keep up the good work here!

By Tipper on 09.26.08 12:31 pm

Just stumbled across your site-very neat. I have a Pickin’ & Grinnin’ In The Kitchen Spot on my site-where we do some old time music. Thanks for providing this great music!!

By Stephen on 10.07.08 4:20 am

Thanks for the Carolina Slim tracks. There used to be a Carolina Slim playing Piedmont blues in the NYC subway system. He was very good, and played gigs at BAM and Lincoln Center in the ‘nineties. (I haven’t seen him around in a while.) He recorded at least one CD, called Society Blues. Are you sure this Carolina Slim died young?

By shanebroue on 10.09.08 7:40 am

freakish man blues: boy in the boat is slang seems for the clitoris the singer may be a woman hence freaKish man

By Ed Leimbacher on 10.22.08 6:34 pm

hello. you perform a fine service and turn up exciting finds. i’d like to offer you and readers another site possibly worth visiting, ,where you can find the first RJ movie script, written 40 years ago. cheers, ed

By Rolylandli on 10.28.08 2:29 am

Great blog !! You have done a great work !

How can I get a password to have full access..

By Jim Walton on 11.03.08 9:23 am

I am unable to figure out how to access various parts of this website, such as the St. James Infirmary Archives. Do I need to donate in order to gain access?


By concrete jungle on 11.13.08 7:57 pm

one of the best ‘st james infirmary’ cover is missing, the one by ‘dave alexander’, fantastic blues pianist & singer who recorded 2 lps in the 70′

By Barak on 12.01.08 1:42 pm

Very nice place.
Do you have the four songs Too Tight Henry recorded?

By Billy on 12.04.08 10:12 am

love this blog

By Billy on 12.04.08 10:13 am

how do I become a member?

By Barak on 12.04.08 12:46 pm

How do I become a member

By c hinkel on 12.27.08 9:11 pm

how could i get a copy of charlie louvin there is a higher ground and where we ll never grow old music only for singing at church

By Jonathan Kamholtz on 01.04.09 1:53 am

But where have you gone? I’ve been patient, but this is such a great blues site, the silence is awful. You have a terrific ear for the blues, and have sent me to find a whole bunch of great albums. I hope to see you again sometime…soon…

By Matt McCann on 01.07.09 6:02 pm

Sure do miss ya Honey. Hope everything is ok…


By nick on 01.14.09 12:03 am

Really great website. The password protection is killin’ me- I’d love to check out some of those playlists. What’s the deal with that stuff? Here’s a self-indulgent top 10 from lil old me:

Dyin’ Crapshooter’s Blues- Willie McTell
Keep It Clean- Charley Jordan
Guitar Chimes- Blind Blake
She Stabbed Me With the Ice Pick- Will Shade
What’s The Matter With The Mill- Memphis Minnie & KC Joe
Let’s Go Riding- Mr. Freddie
Chesterfield- Buddy Moss
Nobody’s Business If I Do- Frank Stokes
Vamps Of ’28- Whistler’s Jug Band
My Four Reasons- Frankie Jaxon & Ikey Robinson

Yes, I’m terminally addicted to hokum. Thanks for the site! -nick

By nick on 01.14.09 12:09 am

Oh, and “Honey Don’t you Tear My Clothes!” (hehehe that’s the “State St. Swingers”)

By Some reader on 01.22.09 9:17 pm

I saw this blog about Robert Johnson and it reminded me of your wonderful site, which I don’t visit often enough. Sorry for the long link, my HTML is lacking. Keep up the good work!

By Jak on 01.31.09 4:43 am

What a brilliant site! Thank You!!!
Could you tell me how I register please?
Jak x

By Bud T on 02.01.09 3:06 pm

I got the bug when I was in high school in the late 40′s and early 50′s. Would listen to Gene Nobles on WLAC Wednesday and Saturday nights for the boogie and blues. Many years later and I still haven’t out grown it. Thanks for feeding my habit.
I donated and would like to get a password. How do I register ?

By Bud T on 02.01.09 6:16 pm

Albert Ammons Swanee River Boogie opened the boogie and blues edition of the Gene Noble show on WLAC, Nashville on Wednesday and Saturday nights. His cohort’s occasional Tarzan yell and the “latest” and the oldies from Randy’s record shop in Gallatin, Tenn. introduced me to a music I had never heard before. Till this day I am attracted by it. I love your piano blues but would love to see more piano boogie woogie. Is there any chance of that? I have a few cuts I would love to share. How do I upload it for your considereation?

By Ailen on 02.07.09 1:16 am

Waw! Que buena musica, exelente musica, lo amo.
Muchas gracias por este gran trabajo.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By robert on 02.17.09 11:37 am

What exactly are the copyright policy on this music. I am curious about being able to rebroadcast some in a show on my local community radio.

By Timothy Allen on 02.20.09 12:01 pm

How do I get a password to look at the Blues videos etc,…

By Brian on 02.28.09 10:49 pm


I’m a blues dancer in Hong Kong, trying to organize a local scene and I’m always on the lookout for new music. Can you tell me how I can get a password?


By David on 03.08.09 3:51 pm

just discovered this site. seems like it’s a great site — how do I get a password? thanks

By jj on 03.19.09 10:09 am

great site! love to listen to the staggolee thing. how i do it????

By jj on 03.25.09 9:59 am

how do I register??

By Brent on 03.26.09 1:03 am

I added your link in my favorites while trying to find some Furry Lewis tunes to download. So how do I register/get password? Awsome posts friend, THANKS!

By JD on 04.05.09 11:25 pm

Fantastic site! If you are in Phoenix, check out Leon Redbone – he’s playing the Rhythm Room on 4/14. His work encompasses pre-war jazz, ragtime, & blues styles with modern arrangements that still retain a vintage feel.

By LazloAlbatross on 04.06.09 9:44 pm

Have you by any chance done DJ work at WQFS 90.9 or WUAG 103.1? I only ask since I found a dead link on your second post back in 2004 from the UNCG website.

By Kee on 04.30.09 7:08 pm

I’d love to donate and be a part of the site. Definitely the Staggolee thing. Let me know how and I will. thanks!

By Leif Larsson on 05.15.09 5:04 am

Many link don’t work unfortunately, e.g.

By van eyken on 05.20.09 4:21 am

Looks aamazing.
How do I registrate ?


By Tom on 05.29.09 6:35 am

Awesome site, but – as Jan Van Eyken asks – how do I registrate?

Kind regards,


By stax8 on 06.09.09 5:49 am

as Jan Van Eyken and Tomm asks – how do I registrate?

Kind regards,


By Samantha on 06.13.09 5:25 pm

How do I become a member?

By Darsh on 06.14.09 11:30 am

How do you become a member? Also, if I have a St. James Infirmary Blues version that is not already posted how do I do that?

By Barkley on 06.14.09 7:48 pm

How do I become a member?

By Kris Handel on 06.22.09 12:04 am

Hey Peter, long time… Just a Q. Have you ever heard the record by James “Guitar Slim” Stephens entitled “Greensboro Rounder” or something like that… I think it was recorded in the ’70s on the Trix label. Long out of print/hard to find now. Dude was from Greensboro and it’s fairly hightly respected… Stephens was like one of the main reasons Tim Duffy started MMRF…

By peter patnaik on 06.23.09 12:53 am

those trix labels are amazingly hard to find these days. i’ve heard of the man, but not the song. the guy who did the “ain’t no method mix” up in the header there collected trix records, he might be more help.shoot me an email!

By BPI on 06.23.09 10:12 am

Congratulations, hope you have a lovely day & honeymoon. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now so it’s also about time that I said thank you. You’ve been a fantastic intro to a world of music I would never have delved into otherwise. Cheers, B.

By Mike C on 07.06.09 9:20 am


how do i sign up?


By Joan Moore on 07.08.09 8:43 pm

Your website looks amazing! Can’t believe I’ve never run into it before. How do I register, get a password, etc.
Bluesfully yours
Joan Moore

By Charlie Doom on 07.09.09 6:15 pm

Great Blog! Pre-war blues is what got me hooked on blues back when I was 24. I’m 26 now. I honestly didn’t think that people in my generation could get into the blues – I didn’t think I could get into the blues. There is certainly an allure there. Mysterious.

By Charlie Doom on 07.09.09 6:15 pm

Yes, how do we get passwords? There doesn’t seem to be a clear path. I couldn’t find anything. thanks!

By Lou Curtiss on 07.10.09 5:57 pm

re: I’m Going Away. Have you checked
The Delmore Bros., Uncle Dave Macon, The
Hickory Nuts, Kelly Harrell, Lester Pete
Bivens, Leona Williams, Eva Taylor, Laura
Smith. probably a lot more. Nice to meet
you last week. Recordially, Lou Curtiss

By Jonathan Kamholtz on 07.14.09 10:47 pm

Congratulations and welcome back!



By Alan on 07.15.09 6:48 am

I’m Going Away – Fiery Furnace sound like they may have based their song on John Lee Zeigler’s on Fat Possum Records. all the best ; Alan

By Jim Corbett on 07.15.09 11:24 pm

Forgot my password, can you help?

By Jim Corbett on 07.15.09 11:24 pm

Forgot my password, can you help?



By Douglas on 07.22.09 3:31 am

Hey, love the site. Wondering if you have checked out “Kitty, Daisy and Lewis” from London yet? They’re young kids playing authentic revival sounds. I’m not with the band, just a fan and thought of this site when I heard them, though I would pass it along –

By Sebxam on 07.29.09 6:54 am

Greetings from Australia
have made a donation but cant seem to access…any tips?


By Sebxam on 07.31.09 4:44 am

Got through…many thanks and keep up the good deeds.

By Charlie Cotterman on 08.24.09 7:24 pm

For Your Listening Pleasure—
Got me a neat little toy off eBay the other day — it’s a short range (30 ft) “FM USB car transmitter” (eBay keyword search phrase) that will take USB flash/thumb drives OR SD cards, and transmit the MP3 files to your car stereo!!! Since TV has gone digital, 87.7 MHz is free and clear (used to be part of the TV ch 6 sound signal), so you can play your vintage blues on those long highway trips! Works great!!

By Piquette on 08.29.09 10:54 am

I’ve been trawling your site on and off for a number of years as a non-member. Time for this Aussie to get into those secret vaults. Please send donation details.

By Cal Desmond-Pearson on 10.06.09 6:33 am

Found your site via link friom Hooverville – you sure got some brilliant stuff on here! Added you to my “Essential Weekly Visit” list :)
Will donate asap (only work part-time so £$£$ limited plus no credit card – but will find a way. Slainte/Shalom, Cal

By Mike Bruno on 10.11.09 12:12 am

Hey, this site is ravin’ cool! Found my way here doing B&O RR research so you never know. Love this music and will be back. I know it’s out of your pre-war focus, but my favorite all-time blues album is Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy. The most recent CD has some awesome outtakes and Handy himself talkin. Thanks for the outstanding work and congratulations on house and bride!

By Mike Bruno on 10.11.09 12:14 am

P.S. Okay, I’m no sadist, here’s how I came to you on the B&O: has a link! Flats and minors to you.

By Kelly on 10.20.09 10:46 pm

Any way for me to get a password?


By Ben Covington on 10.31.09 6:55 am

Fantastic enterprise. Long may you sustain it.

Bogus Ben

By Marcus Kampf on 11.23.09 8:31 am


how can I get a password for this wonderful site?

Best regards

By Giovanni Mariani on 11.29.09 8:19 pm

How can I get a password for this site ? Thanks and regards from Italy


By Joseph Patrick on 12.07.09 7:02 pm

just stumbled upon your site. what a wonderful site! i was wondering how to get a password. Let me know, thanks for your time.

oh, and is the fiery furnaces song an adaption of pink anderson’s?

By Jane Ray 1940 on 12.14.09 2:21 pm

Hey there! Another request for the password, please and thank you.

By Abe on 12.14.09 5:28 pm

Hello! I discovered your site a few weeks ago and have been reading through the archives. This site is unbelievable. I’d like to request a password. Thanks,


By iqbal on 12.24.09 5:10 pm

fantastic! you’re a genius!

By lee on 01.24.10 4:15 pm

password please! i think i had one long ago-again maybe not-lee

By dakotayellowred on 02.16.10 9:13 pm

It’s a great site,my compliments!

By chang on 02.18.10 1:10 am

Hi . I am glad I found this site .but how can I taste your honey? please tell me how can I get password.

By didnotbat on 02.20.10 7:27 am

Great site but how on earth do I get a password?

By frank de crits on 02.23.10 9:25 am

How can i subscribe? How can i get a password? I had a lot of pleasure to read the emails and the information that i can get on your /Honey?Where have you been so long?

By reiss hennigan on 03.11.10 4:33 pm

this site is amazing and a real, credit to music,like all fol and such music,be exihibited like it was in a museum,looked at like a peice of the history of art and culture that is is and apreciate the amazing crafted music with real soul no computer secquenceing . THANKS SO MUCH HONEY WHERE YOU BEEN SO LONG!!! you make me relise that there is new music at least to me!!!! stil worth listening to and a shame that music of this quality isn’t produced as much today. nostalgia isn’t even as good as it used to be!!

to recommend a couple of artist who do represent this music and bring it to a new audience i recommend checking out serious sam barret and
david william broad.

oh another thing keep this amazing archeive testment to amazing pre war blues and the people who made the music and honey where you been so long.

thanks and buy mr reiss uk add me on the usual social network sites ,i’m a 27 stuck in 1930′ blues cause modern stuff is usually lame!

By fumanchu on 04.05.10 11:22 am

First time I land on your blog : absolutely fabulous ! I’m a french aficionado, I do like (and play) blues,and i just find there a lot of informations about my music. Thanks to you all !

By Juanita on 05.14.10 1:12 pm

Great listening. How do I get a password??

By jeff on 05.27.10 8:27 pm

Need password. Thanks.

By clark on 05.30.10 6:48 pm

This isn’t my first time at your blog; I’ve commented before under the handle of LAZLOALBATROSS, and I just want to make it clear that this site is glorious. I’m a big fan of the St. James Infirmary collection (My 1st experience with that particular song was with a Bettie Boop cartoon) as well as other tracks you’ve posted. I’d love a password so i can listen to some new tunes, especially the 25 Blues Songs Mix. Thank you for so much.

By peter on 06.27.10 8:03 am

How do I get a password. Thank you.

By Steve Norquist on 07.26.10 9:57 pm

I just started a blog that’s not entirely blues music, but that is a focus. “Dying Crapshooter’s Blues” by Blind Willie McTell ranks right up there with “Broke Down Engine!” Thanks for posting it. How can I get a password, and are you OK with re-blogging? I don’t do it for money, I just think more people should hear these great songs from long-dead masters.

By Douglas on 07.27.10 5:57 pm

The question everyone asks. How do I become a member?! Thanks

By Bruce on 08.05.10 1:45 pm

Haven’t heard the Document Records release of Charlie Burse & His Memphis Mudcats, but the material was released also on Disc D of the 2005 box set MEMPHIS SHAKEDOWN: MORE JUG BAND CLASSICS.

Thanks for your blog. Your work is greatly appreciated.

By Abe on 09.27.10 7:19 pm

you still giving out passwords?

By Marie on 11.16.10 12:54 pm

Hello, This is an amazing blog! Your commentary and song selections are wonderful. How does one get a password? I have a music blog myself which features some blues, mainly black gospel it seems, and a few R’n'B tunes (only up to 1954). If you’d like to take a look, the Link is:

Thanks for all of your great work.

By Isabel on 11.18.10 11:55 pm

I am fascinated with your site. It is amazing! Congratulations for your job.

By citizen pete on 02.07.11 12:05 pm

awesome trunk full of them old tunes! great job!

By JPRock on 02.11.11 8:33 am

Like others, how do I get a password? Thanks…

By Grant Johnson on 02.20.11 3:45 pm

I’m coming back to the site after not visiting for many months. Like others, I’d love to have a password in order to enjoy the great compilations. Please let me know how that works. And thanks for a site like no other! I love it.

By Mitch on 03.19.11 4:57 am

I am a beginner blues dj in little old Adelaide Australia any help you can give would be awesome!

By Will Soll on 03.28.11 1:57 pm

Thanks for the site. Could I have a password? WS

By Bert78 on 04.15.11 4:54 am

would also like a password. There is no othr site like this!

By Bert78 on 04.15.11 4:55 am

Would also like a password. There is no other site like this!

By nick on 04.18.11 1:46 pm

cant log in

By Micheal on 06.10.11 10:23 am

I have just stumbled onto your site and the St. James Infirmary collection is a treasure trove. I’m not amazingly technically adept, but I might even have a version or two I could add to your compilation. Like others have mentioned above, I’d also like a “password”, although I’m not so sure what I’d be doing after that! At any rate, you’ve got a helluva fabulous treasure trove here! Thanks for the work I’m sure went into it. Please let me know whatever I need to know next!


By natasha on 06.20.11 8:44 pm

Just wondering why so many things are password protected, I cant seem to get in
thanks so much, great site :)

By kbob in katy on 08.06.11 8:02 pm

With a broad exposure to music, I was somewhat surprised to hear Jimmy Reed “I Ain’t Got You” today while looking for something else.

I am sure you are familiar with him. Opinion?



By JimQ on 08.11.11 1:17 pm

Great site… thanks for sharing! I made a donation,,, would like a password. Thanks.

By TImmie on 09.12.11 5:14 pm

Is it possible to access your playlists? This is an amazing blog.

By Ryan on 11.27.11 9:19 pm

Seems the question is common but how did I get a password?

By Rhod on 12.09.11 12:25 am

Thanks for the Black ace share never heard the music before but will seek out some more.



By paul knight on 12.12.11 1:01 pm

How do I join this fantastic site

By Pete Morris on 03.16.12 7:59 pm

Where you been so long?

By Chris on 03.19.12 5:08 pm

Hi buddy,

I love your site, but lately it sends my virus detection software (and Google) insane. I think it’s worth getting yourselves checked.


By Pablo on 04.26.12 9:34 pm

Come back; it’s been years!

By nick on 08.22.12 2:36 pm

videos wont play-how do i sign out and in again sir

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By King Shark Coonass on 08.23.13 1:39 am

I forgot the password. My dues are paid in full. So? I get it. So get with it. This is a well known trick now. I was amused at first, but enough is enough. You have no idea who you are messing with. I can not remember the password. ok?
There seems to be no button for:”Lost password” I have a user name. My user name is King Shark Coonass(XIV). My daddy was a Coonass in good standing with the fellows,as was his daddy before him and so on back to the beginning.We are all dues paying brothers of the blue gum lodge. In fact,the certfied architect of the hexagramaphonic honey reservoir configuration(The Honey Comb)was designed with direct assistance from my ancestor,Jock Blaux S.Coonass. Really. The old Cajun is dead now,but as you are surely aware…My great great great grandfather was Jock Blaux (Shellack)and is one of the perpetual legacy members of our craft. Worshipful Shellack’s dues are waived forever. Inscribe in the virtual covenant before the pre war was a thing. My dues were paid forward by the 12 bar rule. There is no option now to pay if you wanted to. I don’t think I should have to pay for the forgotten password, but I will send more money to the trust if necessary.I am the only King Shark Coonass. I forgot the password. I hope I am not bothering you with this perfectly reasonable request for the bloody code. This is your last warning.

By bert78 on 09.19.13 5:00 am

incredible site. A lifetime’s work here!

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