I Liked The Black Lips Song (Here Is A Stagolee Track)
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New Stagolee track from the (awesome) soundtrack to Tarantino’s Death Proof, that also features Joe Tex and Eddie Floyd. The track is a pretty close telling of the story by Pacific Gas and Electric. I hadn’t heard of this 70s soul/funk band before Thomas sent me this track – but it is so awesome, I’m ordering their albums today.

Pacific Gas & Electric – Staggolee

Love’s Gone Bad
Posted in Honey,Post-War,Soul on 06.02.06

Chris Clark is a musical oddity, a white woman who dated Berry Gordy, and recorded a handful of tracks for his Motown label and pulled it all off. Clark is most often compared to Dusty Springfield, but her voice to me sounds a lot like Nancy Wilson’s voice especially on End of Love. Clark never really made it big, this track Love’s Gone Bad barely hit in the top 50, but it features some stellar Motown production and her voice is just perfect.

Chris Clark – Love’s Gone Bad (1966)

Posted in Honey,Post-War,Soul on 05.05.06

I’ll be out of town until Monday or Tuesday because my Sister-In-Law has gone into labor, so I’ll be in Nashville playing the uncle role. Here is my favorite song – and a perfect introduction to this world.

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

Didn’t I
Posted in Honey,Post-War,Soul on 04.07.06

I finally got my hands on that Darondo reissue “Let My People Go,” and it’s fantastic. He sounds a lot like Al Green, and is backed by some really good, laid back Philadelphia meets Memphis production. His story is being told and told again all over the place, and it’s all collected here along with some pretty choice videos and samples of the other tracks. They are out of stock on the CD at the moment, but Amazon has it for a few more dollars.
Darondo – Didn’t I