Let’s Get Barefooted and Drunk
Posted in Honey on 11.15.04

I though I could set the blog to archive biweekly or something, so that if more than 7 posts are posted during the week all of them would be on the front page. In the settings it looks like I can either do it by the week or by the month, anyone know anything about these settings?

A big batch of mix cds were shipped out today, so be on the look out for them in the next week or so.

Jaydee Short was born in Mississippi and started to play instruments from a very early age. By the time he was 21 he had relocated to St Louis and was inspired by the piano blues more than the Mississippi style he had grown up with. Short had a brief recording career and after a short stint in the Army he spend most of his life salvaging junk from the streets and playing as a one man band on the streets. This track “Barefoot Blues” makes a case for Short being one of the better pre-war blues guitar players and a formidable lyricist.

  • Jaydee Short – Barefoot Blues

  • Bettye Swann Makes Me Swoon
    Posted in Honey on 11.12.04

    Hi. People call me Coleslaw. I’m one of the biggest music geeks around. If I had my wish I’d step in the way back machine and arrive in the recording studio with O.V. Wright during his Back Beat days. I live in Greensboro, NC, work at a coffee shop called The Green Bean, and enjoy fast cars and fast women.

    This is my first posting thanks to Mr. Peter “Pre-War Blues” Patnaik. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many. I also hope I can turn one of you bloggers out there onto some solid numbers by folks with which you’re not too familiar and maybe even provide some information and insights to brighten your mind.

    My main interests lie in the obscure and novel music of the past….stay tuned for more music and more words.

    This is a random track by a favorite 60’s soul songstress of mine, Ms. Bettye Swann – just posting to make sure everything works correctly.

    Please enjoy it and follow the directions in the title…

  • Bettye Swann – Make Me Yours

  • I Wanna Be Yr Dog
    Posted in Honey on 11.12.04

    The new writer for the blog will be revealed later this afternoon, weather permitting. There is a great new(ish) mp3 blog running now,Keep The Coffee Coming I has both John Prine and Elizabeth Cotten, music doesn’t get much better than that.

    Alejandro Escovedo is one of founders of alt. country through his work with Rank and File, and his solo work as seen him develop into one of the best writers of recent memory. Recently he has hospitalized from complications with Hepatitis C. However, he is out of the hospital now and undergoing treatment at his home in Texas. This track is pulled from a live compilation recently a little bit ago called More Miles Than Money. More information and how to help at Alejandro Fund. Also the Por Vida tribute cd for sell there and other places, is really amazing and worth the pickup.

  • Alejandro Escovedo – Broken Bottle

  • Skin Game Blues
    Posted in Honey on 11.11.04

    Tomorrow should welcome the arrival of second contributor who will bring his considerable knowledge of post-war blues and r ‘n’ b music to the Honey fold. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I’ll still be doing my part in sharing the prewar blues love, never fear, but there a lot of really great people in the post-war era (that quiet frankly I don’t know enough about) that I think would be a great addition to the site.

    Lucille Bogan, another Alabama blues singer, was one of the best blues singers of the pre-war era. Her subject matter was tough, covering drugs, prostitution, murder and everything in between. More so than Lil’ Johnson who used sex in songs as a form of humor, Bogan told her stories as sign that this world is just a no good place. All of this despair might have been too much even for the most dedicated blues fan of the era and Bogan’s sides sold very poorly. This track “Skin Game Blues” was recorded under the name Bessie Jackson and was Bogan’s last recording ever, the Skin Game works both as a tell of prostitution and abuse as well as Bogan’s own sporadic work for various record labels.

  • Lucille Bogan – Skin Game Blues

  • Many Thanks To The ‘Hut
    Posted in Honey on 11.10.04

    Huge day yesterday, easily the biggest since this blog was named dropped at CMJ. I hope the servers are working fine for everyone. I have a pretty random request, yesterday I was listening to my local NPR station (either 88.5 or 91.5 in the triad area) and the show was interviewing a professor from UNC-Chapel Hill about the string bands of the North Carolina area and the development of different banjo styles around the same time. He had written a book about the subject and it sounded really interesting, but I can’t remember what program this was for or the name of the author. If anyone heard this let me know!

    Ed Bell I think is the first Alabama based blues musician I’ve posted about so far. Bell’s unique almost shouting style of singing and his very interesting style of piedmont blues influenced guitar work make him worth seeking out. Lyrically Bell is more influenced by Missippippi style blues, but he seems to be rather unique in his phrasing rather than pulling from the same delta blues pool of lyrics that a lot of people used during the prewar era. His discography is on Document (of course) but there is a real interesting Yazoo compilation of Alabama Blues, I want to track down that has Bell and Jaybird Coleman, but I haven’t heard any of the other people. Hopefully it’s still in print.

  • Ed Bell – Squabblin’ Blues

  • Updates and Upgrades
    Posted in Honey on 11.09.04

    The new server is up and running. All the tracks through last Friday’s Moonshine Kate track will be ready on the new server, if you really wanted a track towards the end of last month when the servers started to act up, let me know and I’ll throw them up on the new and speedy server. Big thanks to my roommate for the space and speed.

    Also there is an interview with me up at the Tofu Hut it should be fun reading and a big thanks goes out to that site for really bringing the mp3 blog community together. There is also a great new(ish) mp3 blog called Lonesome Music that features really great Alt. Country bands and songs and the owner put together a really amazing American Music Club mix that looks really dreamy.

    If you have noticed by my somewhat recent postings, I’m falling head over heels for Sonny Boy Williamson. I’m not sure what it is, but his voice and his harmonica playing just totally do it for me. This track is Sonny Boy Williamson lead piece called Jackson Blues, and it’s pretty remarkable. The guitar/harmonica sounds really perfect and Williamson’s voice is both heartbreaking and yet tender as looks inward for some strength to rid himself of the blues.

  • Sonny Boy Williamson- Jackson Blues

  • Memphis Minnie !
    Posted in Honey on 11.08.04

    What’s up with Gmail today? I haven’t been able to login/send email or even search my email if I could login. Bleh. I’m sorry for the delay in the sending of the last batch of cds, I ruined all the cases for them before I could send them out :( But they have been replaced and are almost ready to go.

    Memphis Minnie started to play guitar as a child and was almost immedently started to play parties. She would later run away to Memphis and start her recording career. Mostly known for being one of the few female blues artists (though this is somewhat misleading) and a great guitar player, Minnie played with several different types of bands both backing and leading. This track “Outdoor Blues” is a personal track, probably recollecting her time playing for tips on Beale St. shows off her considerable guitar skill, and her powerful and wonderful voice.

  • Memphis Minnie – Outdoor Blues

  • Oh, Ivory Joe
    Posted in Honey on 11.05.04

    The weekend at last! Lots of good tracks up this week and last, especially the Hersal Thomas track from a few days ago. I really wish Undertow or Sideways was playing near me, I mean Undertow at least should be playing Chapel Hill/Durham by now, but I guess movie companies don’t really plan where to open movies based on the director’s personal life.

    Ivory Joe Hunter was one of the first R’n’B artist to really sell well among both black and white artists. Hunter’s smooth voice and laid back piano playing did not really fit in with the wilder rock and roll that was developing at the same time, but the strength of his delivery and his songs made up for it and really captured an older generation who mostly didn’t like the trend towards rock and roll. This track “You Mean Everything To Me” is a great late night dance party track, so clear some space in yr living room and shake it like ya made it.

  • Ivory Joe Hunter – You Mean Everything To Me

  • Recoupment.
    Posted in Honey on 11.04.04

    Brief update today, because I have a bunch of errands to run after moping around all of yesterday. Kerry’s concession speech was really moving, he would have made a great president.

    Robert Wilkins is an older blues musicians who was well established in the Memphis Blues scene while people like Son House and Memphis Minnie were coming up. Unlike a lot of blues musicians, Wilkins never had a set style, and we was able to play in many different styles and band settings. Despite, or maybe because of his versatility he did not record as much as others, but what he did record is very solid. This track “I’ll Go With Her Blues” shows off his considerable guitar talent and a wonderful voice. He also recorded “Prodigal Son” which the Rolling stones would later cover.

  • Robert – Wilkins-I’ll Go With Her Blues

  • ARGH
    Posted in Honey on 11.03.04

    Worse than bush being re-elected is the all the fucking bans on gay marriage and annulment of gay civil unions. What the fuck guys?

    and don’t blame this on the south, either.