Brown’s Ferry Blues
Posted in Country,Honey,Post-War on 04.28.06

Everyone knows the Louvin Brothers from their infamous “Satan Is Real,” which might be the only album of that distinction that is good. Before that album they were a famous country duet with harmonies that only the Blue Sky Boys and the Delmore Brothers could match. On this tribute album they pay tribute to the Delmore Brothers and do a amazing job on these songs, making this album my favorite by them.

Louvin Brothers – Brown’s Ferry Blues

Was That Your Man?
Posted in Honey,Post-War,Texas Blues on 04.24.06

The server situation should be fixed. I did notice last night that the server would time out even at low loads, so be patience, I’m writing angry emails to the host daily. All the links should be working (I fixed the Minnie Wallace link also) but if you find anything broke let me know.

I’m starting out the week with a post-war blues track by Jewell Long. In fact it’s from 1960, but i haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for the past week. I don’t know a lot about Jewell Long, but he was a blues singer from Texas with a great rough voice. He was a pretty skilled guitar player – but his voice, sort of an in-between Gary Davis and John Estes is what really has his version of Frankie and Albert running around my head all week.

Jewell Long – Frankie and Albert

Didn’t I
Posted in Honey,Post-War,Soul on 04.07.06

I finally got my hands on that Darondo reissue “Let My People Go,” and it’s fantastic. He sounds a lot like Al Green, and is backed by some really good, laid back Philadelphia meets Memphis production. His story is being told and told again all over the place, and it’s all collected here along with some pretty choice videos and samples of the other tracks. They are out of stock on the CD at the moment, but Amazon has it for a few more dollars.
Darondo – Didn’t I