Standing Pat: The St. James Infirmary Blues Appendix
Posted in Mix on 09.10.08

This is the final release of The St. James Infirmary collection here at Honey. There are some real gems in this group, Blind Willie McTell, Jimmie Rodgers and Two Gallants are my favorites in this batch. Thanks again to all the readers who submit files – This couldn’t have come together without ya’ll.

1. Roy King – St. James Infirmary
2. King Oliver’s Band – St. James Infirmary
3. Boogaloosa Prayer – St. James Infirmary
4. Artie Shaw – The Chant
5. Alan Lomax – St. James Hospital
6. Alphonso Tent and Orchestra – St. James Infirmary
7. Blind Willie McTell – Dying Crapshooter’s Blues
8. Dock Boggs – Old Joe’s Barroom
9. Atlantic Syncopators – St. James Infirmary
10. Louis Armstrong – St. James Infirmary
11. Cisco Houston – St. James Infirmary
12. Snakefarm – St. James Infirmary
13. Spike Hughes – St. James Infirmary
14. Jack Acid – St. James Infirmary
15. Doc Watson and Taj Mahal – St. James Infirmary
16. Baba Blues – St. James Infirmary
17. Belmont Street Oztet – St. James Infirmary
18. California Ramblers – St. James Infirmary
19. Bobby “Blue” Bland – St. James Infirmary
20. Barebones – St. James Infirmary
21. The Louvin Brothers – Let Her Go, God Bless Her
22. Cassandra Wilson – St. James Infirmary
23. George E Lee and His Orchestra – St. James Infirmary
24. Marc Ribot – St. James Infirmary
25. G. Austin – St. James Infirmary
26. Jimmie Rodgers – Those Gambler’s Blues
27. Five Keys – St. James Infirmary
28. Las Blacanblus – St. James Infirmary
30. King Oiver & F. Marvin – St. James Infirmary
31. Barrelhouse Blues Band – St. James Infirmary
32. Rube Bloom & His Bayou Boys – St. James Infirmary
33. Pete Seeger – St. James Infirmary
34. Scatman Crothers – St. James Infirmary
35. Gaby Jogeix – Saint James Infirmary Pt. 1
36. Clark Stern – St. James Infirmary
37. Gaby Jogeix – Saint James Infirmary Pt. 2
38. Two Gallants – Dyin’ Crap Shooter Blues

St. James Preview !!!
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For those who have donated – the full download for the St. James Infirmary is ready to be downloaded here. If you contributed, and haven’t donated, please send me an email and I’ll send you a password.
I’m working on a post for everyone else with each track being able to be donwloaded – but it is taking sometime to type in all those hyperlinks!


Update: link fixed.

Introduction To The Blues Part 1
Posted in Female Blues,Mix on 06.04.08

If you remember the brief lived blog “Workbook” that was linked from this blog (back when I still had links) or if you were the guy who wrote that blog, please contact me, regarding one of the mixes you posted a few years ago.

I started this mix a few years ago, and just got around to completing it yesterday when I found my list of songs while cleaning up my back up drive. Part One is devoted to my favorite type of blues, female blues. It’s meant to be an overview of the genre with a balance between obvious classics and personal favorites, much those “rough guide to..” series of mixes. The first two mixes in the series will be available to everyone, though as I break it down into sub-genres and styles and personal those will through donation only.

Please leave suggestions and comments about future mixes in the comment sections. Also if you want to contribute a mix one a sub genre of pre-war music (not just blues) send me an email and we can work those details out.

Coming Soon – The Gents


01. Hattie Hart – I Let My Daddy Do That (1934)
02. Gertrude ”Ma” Rainey – Black Eye Blues (1928)
03. Lucille Bogan – Shave ’em Dry (1935)
04. Victoria Spivey – Black Snake Blues (1926)
05. Viola McCoy – I Ain’t Gonna Marry, Ain’t Gonna Settle Down (1924)
06. Clara Smith – Death Letter Blues (1924)
07. Sara Martin – Death Sting Me Blues (1928)
08. Mamie Smith – Crazy Blues (1920)
09. Jessie Derrick – If You’ll Come Back To Hollywood (1926)
10. Bessie Smith – Cemetery Blues (1923)
11. Bessie Tucker – Got Cut All To Pieces (1928)
12. Arizona Dranes – My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord (1926)
13. Gladys Bentley – How Much Can I Stand (1928)
14. Louise Johnson – On the Wall (1930)
15. Memphis Minnie – Nothin’ In Ramblin’ (1940)
16. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – God Don’t Like It (1939)
17. Trixie Smith – You’ve Got To Beat Me To Keep Me (1925)
18. Ozella Jones – I Been a Bad, Bad Girl (Prisoner Blues) (1942)

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My Twenty Five
Posted in Delta,Honey,Meta,Mix,Post-War on 06.21.06

It’s taking me forever to ready this mix, but it’s finally done. I’ve picked my twenty five favorite blues songs of all time, most of them are pre-war though a few slip into the post war era. The most notable post-war recording is Son House’s Death Letter Blues recorded in 1965 which made the list over his 1941/1942 recordings with Lomax (a record I often call my favorite blues recording of all time) because it was this recording that got me into the blues more so than anything else. It’s so hard to limit your favorite records of all time to twenty five, so a few artists dear to my heart were left off: Rev. Gary Davis, Ida Cox, Elizabeth Cotten, The Gee’s Bend Singers, Blind Willie McTell, Tommy Johnson, Walter Davis, Blind John Davis all missed the cut and I’m sorry, but there’s gotta be room for another twenty five.

The mix is available for download here for donors. To donate click here.
My Favorite Twenty Five Tracklist (not in order or rank):

  1. Rev. Isaiah Shelton – The Liar
  2. Son House – Death Letter
  3. Blind Boy Fuler – Why Don’t My Baby Write To Me?
  4. Blind Blake – Dry Bone Shuffle
  5. im Clark – Fat Fanny Stomp
  6. Ruth Ladson – What Do You Bet?
  7. Bertha “Chippie” Hill – Pratt City Blues
  8. Doctor Clayton – False Love Blues
  9. Louise Johnson – All Night Long
  10. Lucille Bogan – They Ain’t Walking No More
  11. Sara Martin – Death Sting Me Blues
  12. J.T. “Funny Paper” Smith – Heart Bleeding Blues
  13. Blind Jessie Harris – Been In The Jailhouse 1
  14. harley Patton – You’re Gonna Need Somebody When You Die
  15. Blind Willie Johnson – It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine 1
  16. Geechie Wiley & Elvie Thomas – Motherless Child Blues
  17. Jessie Derrick – If You’ll Come Back To Hollywood
  18. Bessie Smith – Them “Has Been” Blues
  19. Sippie Wallace – Murder Is Going To Be My Crime
  20. John Henry Barbee – Six Weeks Old Blues
  21. Rev. F.W. McGee and His Congregation – Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
  22. Victoria Spivey – Down Hill Pull
  23. Charley Jordan – Keep It Clean
  24. William Harris – Bullfrog Blues
  25. Lonnie Johnson – Southland Is Alright With Me

Son House – Death Letter Blues