Arizona Dranes
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Apparently I never realized how broken the Stagolee Archives are. I fixed some of the files, but apparently I’ve lost all of my backups of Stagolee songs, so I’ll need some help fixing the links. I’ll post the ones I need later today or tomorrow.

This album is the Complete Recorded Works of Arizona Dranes 1926-1929, as released by Document Records. It is currently out of print and asks for silly prices on eBay/Amazon. Rare gospel singers aren’t only for the rich – so here are the first batch of songs off that record.

1. Arizona Dranes – In That Day

2. Arizona Dranes – It’s All Right Now

3. Arizona Dranes – John Said He Saw A Number

4. Arizona Dranes – My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord

5. Arizona Dranes – Crucifixion

6. Arizona Dranes – Sweet Heaven Is My Home

7. Arizona Dranes – Bye and Bye We’re Going To See The King

Washed Me Clean
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We’ve been working hard on a new revision for the website, I think it will be ready by next month – but I’m most excited about our new logo which looks pretty awesome:

Arizona Dranes (Drane) was a Texas gospel singer who recorded a couple dozen tracks during the 20s, and mixed scared singing and up and coming Texas blues sounds like barrelhouse piano to make up her unique sounds. This sound is so incredibly fresh and exciting today – Dranes leads the chorus while playing piano in a style that would never be aloud in any church of the time and predicts Ray Charles’ blend of gospel and soul by some thirty years. I believe her complete works are out of print now – so if interest is high I’ll post the rest of her songs this week.

Arizona Dranes – Lamb’s Blood Has Washed Me Clean¬†

He’s Got His Eyes On You
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If Chinatown, My Chinatown didn’t make you rush out and buy How Low Can You Go? Hopefully this track By Rev. D.C. Rice and His Sanctified Congregation will. D.C Rice is one of the best overall preachers from the pre-war era, his voice and band were leagues ahead of most and on this track he’s backed by the wonderful Bill Johnson, who Dust To Digital spends disc 3 of the box set on, and of course his amazing chorus who really make the track I think.

Buy this box set direct from the wonderful people at Dust To Digital.

Rev. D.C. Rice and His Sanctified Congregation – He’s Got His Eyes on You (1929)

I’ve Been Duped And I’ve Been Scorned
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Everyone go visit Tuwa’s Shanty and give him a big thanks for hooking me up with a Google Analytics account. Also download the awesome Big Joe Turner song at the bottom of the page.

John Byrd and Walter Talyor (Washboard Walter) were gospel singers, but were influenced and tempted by blues a lot more than some of their contemporaries. The first song Heavenly Airplane features Taylor singing and Byrd preaching backed by Mae Glover at times. It’s a great effect and more rewarding to listen to than a lot of the ranting preaching tracks. The allmusic review of this song calls it comic, which seems pretty judgemental and awful.

John Byrd and Walter Taylor –¬† The Heavenly Airplane (1929)