Oh Airplane!
Posted in Contemporary on 11.29.09

I was recently told that I shouldn’t use a space between blog headlines and exclamation points. Such things were taught in 1st grade. I wasn’t aware of how far our first grade education has come since the advent of Web 2.0. This blog style guide has been updated and enrolled in the 1st grade.

I am returning from  Paris where I met up with my wife for our first Thanksgiving together. She is wrapping up a study abroad program in Prague, and what could be more romantic than Paris? Nothing it turns out. Lots of thing would be more romantic than waiting in the bar at JFK for a place into RDU after you’ve been on stand by for the last two planes out of the terminal.

I normally store all my music on an external hard drive or on discs they come on, so I don’t have a lot of options or themes for this post away from home. I only have some odds and ends, starts really of larger posts about these songs, accept these for now. They are not from the prewar era, but are two different takes on how to approach preforming these songs today. I feel like Jack Rose is the best at doing these in a way that would please the blog readers. Stephan Mathieu takes a different approach in his drone version of Washington Phillips. The press release describes the instrumentation as “…as been performed on a historic Phonoharp No.2 zither from the 1890s utilizing five E-Bows and entropic and convolution processes.” His blog explains his work better than I ever could, and has some great pictures of his installations. Check it Out here.

Jack Rose – Dark Was The Night (2008)

Jack Rose – Dark Was The Night (2004)

Stephan Mathieu – Key To the Kingdom pt. 1 (2009)

Stephan Mathieu – Key To The Kingdom pt. 2 (2009)

Laffing Rag
Posted in 1930s,Hokum on 11.16.09

We are alive. Still listening to blues.

I’m pretty bad at self-promotion, among other things as readers of this oft lapsed blog might have noticed. I wrote a piece for a book called Hang The DJ about female murder blues ballads. You can pick it up at Amazon now! I did a reading of it at the Nashville Book Festival as well, which saw me at my nervous best.

Famous last words, but I’ll have the tracks from that piece up later this week.

A very long time ago someone asked for the newly found Ben Curry tracks. Again these are from the weird 2009 blues calendar that the Blind Blake tracks came from. Ben Curry is another mostly unknown blues player, I posted a track by him back in 2006 under his name Bogus Ben Convington “Adam and Eve in the Garden” which is just as fun as these newly found tracks under his real name. These tracks are somewhat rougher sounding and weaker lyrically than that one, they still are pretty funny – and have that great medicine show guitar sound that I love.

Bogus Ben Covington – Adam and Eve In The Garden (1928)

Ben Curry – Laffing Rag (1932)
Ben Curry – Hot Dog (1932)