So Young, So Cold , So Fair : The Saint James Infirmary Blues
Posted in Honey on 07.10.08

I’m happy to present So Young, So Cold, So Fair: The Saint James Infirmary Blues, a collection of songs of loss and love regarding The St. James Infirmary. Honey was established over four (!) years ago around the idea that it was too hard actually listen to pre-war blues without buying out of print or import blues records. I try to present the music on this site without too much editing – I don’t make everyone suffer through every single female blues side I get my hands on (though you might think so by reading my email) and as everyone points out I haven’t posted Robert Johnson (This is changing soon) but I think most blues collections have covered the basics to death – and that my site as the next step where you can hear Jessie Derrick and not just Ma Rainey.

This idea of presenting the blues then evolved into I really want to listen to 80 versions of Stagolee and 100 versions of St. James Infirmary right now. With these large collections I don’t edit for quality – The Doors version on here is almost as bad as the Beach Boys take on Stagolee – thought the quality of St. James Songs is far higher than Stagolee. By far. Enjoy!

1. A BIG thanks for everyone who contributed to this collection – it would of have been twenty versions by Jack Teagarden with out you.
2. The numbering is off because I didn’t remove duplicates until after I ordered and numbered the tracks.
3. There will be an appendix with Dock Boggs and a few other people released later.
4. Please share the page, not the links.

01-Doc Watson With Richard Watson & Jack Lawrence — St. James Infirmary

02-Cephas & Wiggins — St. James Infirmary
03-Garland Wilson — St. James Infirmary/ When Your Lover Has Gone
04-Bobby Blue Bland — St. James Infirmary
05- Henry Red Allen — St. James Infirmary
06-Rosa King — St. James infirmary
07-Dick Curless w — St. James Infirmary
08-Hot Lips Page — St. James Infirmary
09-Henry Red Allen — St. James Infirmary

10-Louis Armstrong — St. James Infirmary
11-Kid Ory & Henry Allen — St. James Infirmary
12-Roosevelt Sykes — St. James Infirmary
14-Stan Kenton — Gambler’s Blues
16-Henry ‘Red’ Allen — St. James Infirmary
17-Angela Brown, Albert C.Humprey & Christian Chritstl — St. James Infirmary
18-Buddy Blue — St. James Infirmary
19-Turk Murphy Jazz Band — St. James Infirmary
20-Louis Armstrong — St. James Infirmary
21-Doc Watson with Richard Watson & Jack Lawrence — St. James Infirmary
22-The Dirty Dozen Brass Band — St. James Infirmary
23-Henry Red Allen — St. James Infirmary
24-Snooks Eaglin — St. James Infirmary
25-Blind John Davis — St. James Infirmary
26-Mojo Buford — St. James Infirmary
27-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
28-Jack Teagarden, Family & Friends — St. James Infirmary
29-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
30-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
31-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary.m4a
32-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
33-Kansas City Frank and His Footwarmers — St. James Infirmary
34-Humphrey Lyttelton — St. James Infirmary
35-Marva Wright — St. James Infirmary
36-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
37-Jonah Jones — St. James Infirmary
38-George Lewis Oxford 10 — St. James Infirmary
39-Julia Lee — St. James Infirmary
40-Butch Thompson — St. James Infirmary
41-Billie And De De Pierce — St. James Infirmary
42-Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band — St. James Infirmary
43-Little Mack Simmons — St. James Infirmary
44-Doc Evans, Knocky Parker, Albert Nicholas — St. James Infirmary blues
45-Bob Crosby — St. James Infirmary
46-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
47-Buck Clayton — St.James Infirmary
48-Artie Shaw — St. James Infirmary – Part 1
49-Dave Van Ronk — Gambler’s Blues
50-Artie Shaw — St. James Infirmary – Part 2
51-Dr. John — St. James Infirmary
52-R. Crumb — St. James Infirmary
53-Ben Webster — St. James Infirmary
54-Pete Fountain — St. James Infirmary
55-Sidney Bechet — St. James Infirmary
56-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary.m4a
57-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary.m4a
58-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary, Pts. 1-2
59-Cab Calloway & His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
60-Cab Calloway & His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
61-Stuff Smith — St. James Infirmary
62-Bill Coleman — St. James Infirmary
63-Mattie Hite– St. Joe’s Infirmary (Those Gambler’s Blues)
64-Duke Ellington — St. James Infirmary
65-Pete Seeger — St. James Hospital
66-Louis Armstrong — St. James Infirmary
67-Jack Teagarden — St. James Infirmary
68-The Doors — St. James Infirmary
69-Blind Willie McTell — Dying Gambler
70-Art Hodes — St. James Infirmary
71-Josh White — St. James Infirmary
72-Animals — St. James Infirmary
73-Arlo Guthrie — St. James Infirmary
74-Brownie McGhee — St. James Infirmary Blues
75-Cab Calloway — St. James Infirmary
76-Chris Thomas King — St. James Infirmary
77-Creed Taylor Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
78-Bessie Smith — Dying Gambler’s Blues
79-Dixieland Rhythm Kings — St. James Infirmary
80-Ernest Tubbs — Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin
81-Hot Lips Page — St. James Infirmary
82-Jackie Wilson — St. James Infirmary
83-Joe Cocker — St. James Infirmary
84-Johnny Kendall And The Heralds — St. James Infirmary
85-Kathy Kersh — St. James Infirmary
86-Kent DuChaine — St. James Infirmary
87-Louis Armstrong — St.James Infirmary
88-Peter Fountain & Al Hirt — St. James Infirmary
89-Perez Prado — St. James Infirmary
90-Ramblin’ Jack Elliott & Dave Van Ronk — St. James Infirmary
91-Louis Armstrong — St. James Infirmary
92-Hokum Boys — St. James Infirmary
93-Hokum Boys — St. James Infirmary
94-Cab Calloway — St. James Infirmary
95-Jimmy Smith — St. James Infirmary
96-Tom Jones & Jools Holland — St. James Infirmary
97-The Triffids — St. James Infirmary
99-James Solberg Band — St. James Infirmary Blues
100-Alex Hill And His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
101-Harlem Hot Chocolates — St. James Infirmary
102-Suspense — St. James Infirmary (Radio Drama)
103-Alex Harvey — St. James Infirmary
105-The Ventures — St. James Infirmary
106-White Stripes — St. James Infirmary Blues
107-Wingy Manone & His Orchestra — St. James Infirmary
109-Harry Connick Jr. — St. James Infirmary
110-Blind John Davis — St. James Infirmary
112-Blind Willie McTell — Dying Gambler
117-Cab Calloway — St. James Infirmary
121-What Me Worry Jug Band — St. James Infirmary


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[…] So Young, So Cold , So Fair : The Saint James Infirmary Blues from Honey, Where You Been So Long? […]

By gorjus on 07.11.08 2:31 pm

This. Is. Triumphant!!

By Beverly Patnaik on 07.11.08 3:07 pm

This is an amazing collection and it is of great historical significance. It’s like curating an art exhibit, except it’s music. Keep up the good work!

By Daniel on 07.12.08 12:33 am

Thank you very much. AS Beverly stated, this is of great historical significance. By the way I have an early copy of the new Buddy Guy album. Let me know if you are interested in me sending you the mp3s. Thanks!

By nicholas on 07.16.08 11:15 am

FYI – numbers 9, 20, 24 and 100 are broken…
This is amazing, thank you so much (I emailed you another one too)

By dixon on 07.16.08 1:30 pm

What’s with the unwarranted Doors bashing? It’s not even a version of the song, Jim seems to be just slightly referencing it live between songs. Otherwise, great job.

By Emilia on 07.16.08 11:14 pm

You’ve been awarded! Thanks for the great music!

By omnidrew on 07.20.08 5:00 pm

Wow. This is huge. I’ve got one to add, by the band Snakefarm (Anna Domino singing), recorded in the mid-90s. Please email if you would like to hear it.

By GoodShit on 07.24.08 10:30 am

ah, just listen to a few versions…

Honey, Where You Been So Long? So Young, So Cold , So Fair : The Saint James Infirmary Blues 8 Posted in Honey on 07.10.08 I’m happy to present So Young, So Cold, So Fair: The Saint James Infirmary Blues,……

By Duck Landes on 08.01.08 2:07 am

I’ve always loved this song and Doc Watson’s has always been one of my favorites.

I’m surprised the Mojo Buford version has no harmonica. He played harp off and on for Muddy Waters, replacing both George Smith and James Cotton. Here’s links to a couple photos I took of George ‘Mojo’ Buford at the 2007 Chicago Blues Festival;

George Mojo Buford
Hoochie Coochie Boys

By Pablo on 08.02.08 9:44 pm

Thank you so much for putting this together. Your commitment to the site is much appreciated.

By David F on 08.13.08 7:47 am

Stellar work for a wonderful song. Many, many thanks. I recently downloaded a few versions (including that great really slow Louis Armstrong one) from iTunes but you have done the job properly.
To add some pictures, you can download the Betty Boop Snow White cartoon (featuring Cab Calloway’s version of SJIB, along with Cab himself in rotoscoped form) from the Internet Archive at:
They also have the unmissable Minnie The Moocher (again with rotoscoped Cab)at:

[…] Gorgeous. One hundred twenty-one versions of St. James Infirmary! […]

By Ariel. on 08.18.08 6:05 pm

Great! Thanks for this. May I also suggest Bob Dylan’s “Blind Willie McTell” which uses the melody.

By MJA on 08.25.08 2:29 am


i was just telling my girlfriend 5 minutes ago how st james is one of my favorite songs of all time. then, just because i hadn’t been here in awhile, i come and check this site… and there they are, over 100 versions of my favorite song. man! i’m overwhelmed. thank you for this!

By Guitarzzz on 08.25.08 4:59 am

Amazing collection : D

By Bookmarks about Import on 09.05.08 6:31 am

[…] – bookmarked by 1 members originally found by hansoon on 2008-08-23 So Young, So Cold , So Fair : The Saint James Infirmary Blues – […]

By ditchcat on 09.11.08 4:36 pm

Hi there,
I came across another version for you, this one by blues pianist Dave Alexander (a.k.a. Omar Shariff) on his 2nd Arhoolie LP “The Dirt On The Ground”, located at:
The download URL for the LP is:
Nice work,

By david on 10.17.08 12:38 pm


By 159 “SJI” variations « NO NOTES on 11.10.08 11:11 am

[…] finally: A stunning 121-take list in July, and a 38-song appendix in […]

By william lincoln schafer on 12.11.08 9:07 pm

bravozzzzzz!auzgesichnet..u and all that contributed have done future generations agreat service.

I utilize St. james Inf. quite a bit w/ psych. inpatient music Therapy.

“You can search da whole wide werld over…”
talk about being tough n’ true in the face of grief n’ loss….whew…

let’s not forget dem chord chenges….

Em B7 /Em /Am C7 /B7 /Em B7 /
Em (Am)/C7 B7 /Em //(repeat)

real nice on the fingers..easy to state a meaningful improv.

narrartor of song iz lika buddHa “It is as it is supposed to be….”

again thank you sincerely one and all.

By patrick on 12.21.08 6:17 pm

didn’t Leadbelly do a version? why hasn’t anyone been able to find it?

By thomas on 01.03.09 6:55 am

hi this is a great post, i was wonderin’ if you would know how to get a tab or the chords and pickin for snooks eaglin’s version….wich is my favourite…thanks

By wt davidson on 02.09.09 4:16 pm

this is a joy. teagarden on # 66 is at the height of his powers – and feeling it. And not a soul was going to step on his toes.

By Bob Beurke on 03.11.09 11:11 am

Great & Wonderfull Job !
1000 thanks.

By whsonic on 03.13.09 12:22 pm

What a great collection of one of my favourite blues songs!

FYI: unfortunately #104 (Van Morrison, one of the best versions) is not complete, the end is missing.
Louis Armstrong: at least the versions 10 and 91 are the same (#91 with 16,2 kbps and #10 with 320 kbps), so you can delete #91 without losing anything important.

[…] One of our listeners, Nathan, keeps requesting St. James Infirmary from me so I found a site, Pre-war Blues that hosts 121 versions of the song, some in good quality, some kind of lousy but I’ll leave […]

[…] We’re looking forward to the rich and varied stories that we know will spring forth from your imaginations for this project! Here’s the link I mentioned earlier: Honey, Where You Been So Long? […]

By LazloAlbatross on 04.06.09 9:22 pm

Just stumbled upon your blog last night Looking for Cab Calloway’s “St. James Infirmary” only to find a cornucopia of music. I’m so pleased. Such a prodigious amount of songs and artists for me to learn about and enjoy.

By Gary Helmer on 04.19.09 8:59 pm

Was this done by dukes of dixieland?

By jr on 04.20.09 1:48 pm

You’re missing the Koko Taylor & Willie Dixon version called Insane Asylum.

It’s pretty insane:

Otherwise, nice list!

By Butch on 05.06.09 6:39 pm

Great site! There is a nice version played by the Jack Brass Band, but I’m not sure if you can link it. I didn’t find on the net.


PS: We gonna play that tune with our swiss carnival band.

By Jaap on 05.24.09 2:11 pm

The first time I heard St. James was way back in the 60’s: Johnny Kendall & The Heralds. I was completely knocked down by that version. In the same period I discovered the Animals version.
Later on, a few years ago I started collecting this song, after having heard the stunning version by Van Morrison. So: this site is a real surprise for me!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

By Jaap on 05.24.09 2:30 pm

And some more versions by:

Eric Clapton (w/ Dr. John)
Hans Teessink
Andy Griffith
St, James Infirmary (Blues Band)
Roger McGuin
Blues Underground
Bryn Bladel
Doc Watson & Taj Mahal
Five Keys
Guy Mendilow
Joe Dassin
Keith Vire & Joel Farthing
Ken Koyler
Lou Rawls
Robben Ford
The Swing Cats (Lee Rocker)

Is there any way to upload these version to this site????

[…] malleability never cease to amaze me. You can find an extensive collection of mp3s of many versions here, and a long discussion about the history of the song […]

By dru on 09.14.09 3:15 am

i love the blues and especial st james infirmary i can plat it myself in two keys and i love every version i can get my hands on idk if i got enough hard drive space i might need u to burn ur servers on cd or dvd for me lol jk thank alot thou i love this site!

By N@ on 09.18.09 9:12 am

Outstanding effort – hearty thx and congratulations.

You might want to include a version by Baby Gramps as can be found here –

By andychen on 10.18.09 12:31 am

I am astounded that no one has written to you about the version that Allen Toussaint created for his latest (2009) album “The Bright Mississippi.” That version is what led me to your website. It’s a masterpiece!

By Tkhan on 11.02.09 10:55 am

Missing this one: Complete Victors, Vol. 2 : King Oliver & His Orchestra. Number 4 song.
Here is the amazon link:

This is what NPR plays if I am not wrong, usually Oct. 30th midnight!!

By jimbo on 11.24.09 11:55 pm

A Triumph!!! My hat is off!!!

By Jari Oksanen on 11.28.09 4:42 pm

I found here because Finnish Broadcasting Company had a literary discussion program on Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, and in that book they played the record (vinyl) “St James Infirmary”. My guess was that record should have been the *Oran* Hot Lips Page version because the book was staged in Oran, Algeria — but who knows.

A couple of things make me wonder among these wonderful files. Somewhere among my old vinyls I have a Blind Willie McTell version of “StJI”, but it sounds more similar to the standard one than the “Dyin’ Gambler” here. I think it was “Dyin’ crapshooter”, which sounds like the same, but it also had all these antiques about stetson hats and 20 dollar gold pieces, and the melody was also the same.

Koko Taylor’s “Insane Asylum” is the same thing (also in my vinyls), but I think it is too young to be here. Nice thing, though.

Thanks for this treasure! Cheers, Jazza

By Rick on 12.03.09 6:58 pm

104 by van morrison is truncated.

thanks, great collection.

By Alan on 12.29.09 3:48 pm

Hi, Great stuff — one of my all-time favorite songs. Can you get the version played by the Saturday Night Live Band around 1976-77 with Lily Tomlin on vocals?

By Tony Picco on 01.10.10 11:49 am

wow… what a treasure trove! My dad had an old old 78 of Cab Calloway covering the song in his earlier, high-pitched vocal days and he used to play it a lot when I was a kind n the 1950s… and I have loved this song ever since.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

By Max Haymes on 02.11.10 6:15 pm

Check out my 10,000 word dissertation on Dying Crapshooter’s BLues include 3 versions by Blind Willie McTell statring in 1940. I trace roots baxk to Dublin in 1760. Contact Lancaster University in UK in first instance or myself

By Dan on 03.30.10 3:32 pm

The Standells also do one of my favorite versions of this song

By Juliana on 05.14.10 1:20 am

wonderful!! you should check out Abner Jay’s version of the song – it is one of my favorites.

By spiff on 05.27.10 11:29 am

Thanks, this is awesome! I was looking for Cab Calloway versions and I’ve downloaded all of them, but number 117 is not by Cab Calloway, it’s Louis Armstrong!

By spiff on 05.27.10 12:12 pm

94 and 117 are the same, both by Armstrong, not Calloway.

By molly on 05.30.10 5:00 pm

do you have the old cartoon with the st.james infirmary recording? it was one of the very first betty boop cartoons. very haunting.

By spiff on 05.31.10 7:03 am

@molly: :)

by the way, which is the version from this video? was it specifically recorded for the cartoon? it’s the best one i’ve heard and i’d love to have an mp3 of it!

By Psychopatch on 06.23.10 5:51 am

To you all,

Thks, thks and thks again for that list. I’ve been looking for other good versions for a long time.

The one of Joe Cocker is one of the best for me.

Then, The famous Allen Toussaint gave us a nice nice version in his The bright Mississipi album released in 2007.

Cheers and love from France,

By Martha on 06.29.10 2:26 pm

Super! Thanks so much.

By John R on 08.01.10 3:53 pm

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band just played a great version at the Newport Folk Festival today:

By Carsten on 08.21.10 4:19 pm

thanks very much for your splendid collection! i was searching for some different versions but it seems you did all the work and then some…

cheers, carsten

By Francis on 09.08.10 12:02 am

Brian Johnson, before life with AC/DC was with Geordie and they covered it as “Going Down” on their first or second album.

By Halloween Mix V: Wicked & Sweet on 10.26.10 9:00 pm

[…] Tour” (6 Oct. 1999) offers her own reflections on the song, and Pre-War Blues’ “So Young, So Cold, So Fair: The Saint James Infirmary Blues” (10 July 2008) gathers together over 100 versions of the song.  Check it […]

By cindy on 10.27.10 6:31 pm

So many versions – I know of a great one by Bryan Lee

By Pierre on 01.27.11 9:47 am

I think that you’ve missed a beautiful version of St James Infirmary called Gambler’s Blues by Dave Van Ronk!
Thank you from France

By " Shameless" James on 02.23.11 7:28 pm

Fantastic collection…Found a great version on a cassette by Jason D. Williams…also a take by Tommy Bolin’s Band Zephyr. I now have over 100 versions myself and am adding to it monthly…

By dee es on 03.08.11 12:32 pm

Another version just went up over at WFMU.

Scatman Crothers, from “Rock n’ Roll with Scatman”

By Jim Napierala on 04.13.11 10:36 pm

Fantastic, thank you.

By Jim Napierala on 04.13.11 10:37 pm

also, Alan Toussaint”s version is amazing.

By Aidan on 06.07.11 12:03 am

Thank you so much for allowing this beautiful music to be shared all around the world.

By Micheal on 06.10.11 6:30 am

An incredible treasure trove! I’m a DJ on WXDU radio (88.7 FM) and ever since I started, I have been using “St. James Infirmary” as my sign-off song–whether I’m doing my regular weekly “Playlist” show or a special World Music or Jazz show. My “regular” version is Allen Toussaint’s, from the album “The Bright Mississippi”, but depending on the other music I’ve played during the show, I can choose from the 60+ versions of the song I have. Now your site has given me a dozen or so I hadn’t yet found and another handful I knew of, but could not find a recording of. Echoing comments from previous posters, thank you so very much for making this information available for our edification and enjoyment!

By Val on 06.11.11 9:17 pm

Marvelous and historically significant collection of this iconic song. Thanks for this aural treat!

By John Oldman on 07.20.11 2:35 am

Does anyone know what version was playing on Elite Syncopations Radio on live365 about 5 years ago? I’ve been hunting around for a recording that really has that elegiac quality that made “Saint James Infirmary” stick in my mind, but nothing quite fits what I remember.


By jen on 08.04.11 5:06 pm

Hugh Laurie – St James Infirmary 2011

By Matt H on 11.07.11 2:43 pm

The Devil Makes Three does a good version of this song –

By pakiboy on 11.26.11 6:47 am

as i was recently informed marc ribot plays a music-only version of the song in his album “saints”

it s quite good.

wikipedia sites a big mama thorton version of it. anyone heard of it?

great stuff confirmation granted. thanx

By MINION on 12.16.11 11:39 am

the devil makes three version is by far my favourite, the faster pace and vocals rock

By Richard taylor on 01.07.12 10:18 am

The version I enjoy the most is the Lou Rawls version on the album “Lou Rawls. … Live!” remastered. I don’t see it here but am wondering what you think of it.

By Mark McLaughlin on 01.10.12 10:56 pm

On Saturday, 1/7/2012, the Preservation Hall celebrated its 50th anniversary with a concert at Carnegie Hall. My Morning Jacket joined the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on stage and their lead singer, Jim James, sang a fantastic version of St. James Infirmary. Maybe someday a recording will be available.

By Pete Morris on 03.16.12 5:44 pm

There an excellent version of this song by the Savannah Jazz band with Mary Asquith on vocal circa 1977. Singing of “Sadie Brown” with her bloodshot red eyes telling her sad tale in old Bailey’s barroom. Pure magic. Always moves me to tears.

By Ike Turner on 05.26.12 11:22 pm

Wonderful, historically-minded site. Does anyone know the modern-sounding, female-sung version played in the “Homicide: Life on the Street” episode “The True Test”? The show aired in late 1996, so it’s probably a mid-90’s version. It can be heard in the background in an internet coffee house scene. Thanks.

By Christine Browning on 06.29.12 3:47 am

A version of this was recorded by an English blues band by the name of Zephyr. It was sung by a female lead vocalist in the band. They reoordd an album back in 1970 or 1971. I cannot find one reference for them on the Internet/Wikipedia. She had a great voice and perhaps I was the only one who purchase their LP record.

By douglasof this peicep on 08.20.12 2:33 am

looking for the phill harris verson probqbly late 30s early 40s had it for a while but cant findit D

By Tina Gross on 05.07.13 1:35 pm

Would it be possible to add recording dates to your list? That would be immensely helpful!

By Edison on 05.11.13 8:33 pm

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By Fernan on 06.24.13 1:51 pm

Do you happen to know which St. James Infirmary Blues version was used here?

By dedektif on 06.25.13 3:31 pm

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By tim cornelius on 02.25.14 4:49 am

a group called zephyr did an intense version in the early 70’s. the lead vocal was candy givens and lead guitar was tommy bolin, later of t-rex. the album was really good. i think they were from denver. check it out if you can find it.

By Ky Tommy on 04.05.14 7:29 pm

By FAR…..THE BEST blues song…..EVER ! GREAT work !!!

By Kassie on 10.02.14 1:54 pm

Anat Cohen’s St. James Infirmary! also one of my favo

[…] been a jazz and blues standard since its first recording roughly 90 years ago. One website boasts 121 recorded versions and I’d wager the list is not […]

By marina on 03.02.15 1:08 pm

the devil makes three also does a version of this song. :)

[…] are hundreds of takes on this classic song, I have chosen 4 favourite contemporary versions. I hope you like […]

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Synthroid is used for treating low thyroid hormone levels and certain types of goiters. It is also used with surgery and other medicines for managing certain types of thyroid cancer. Synthroid is a thyroid hormone. It works by replacing thyroid hormone when your body does not make enough on its own.


What is this medicine?

LEVOTHYROXINE is a thyroid hormone. This medicine can improve symptoms of thyroid deficiency such as slow speech, lack of energy, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, and feeling cold. It also helps to treat goiter (an enlarged thyroid gland).

What should I tell my health care provider before I take this medicine?

They need to know if you have any of these conditions:

heart disease
high blood pressure
low levels of pituitary hormone
dieting or on a weight loss program
previous heart attack
an unusual or allergic reaction to levothyroxine, other thyroid hormones, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
pregnant or trying to get pregnant

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