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Posted in Honey on 04.12.08

This was a busy week, lots of new songs – some really great verisons – I’m hoping to start actually posting the songs in another week, pending on if I can twist Ms. Honey into making some a funeral march of bees. Also for all the wordpress users out there that haven’t updated to 2.5 it’s amazing – the dashboard is actually useful (can someone make a mint plug in for this?) and the overall layout and look is much nicer.

Also special thanks goes out to John from Dem Bluez for a lot of these tracks – check out his site for some wonderful Snook Eaglin tracks.

1. Cab Calloway (1930, 1941×2)
2. Dr. John (2004)
3. Kent DuChaine (Live ?? , 1993)
4. Little Mack Simmons (1996)
5. Roosevelt Sykes (1971)
6. Julia Lee (1944)
7. Cephas & Wiggins (1984)
8. Marva Wright (1998)
9. Bobby Bland (1987, 1961)
10. Buddy Blue (2003)
11. Mojo Buford (1979)
12. Alex Harvey (1964)
13. Angela Brown (1989)
14. Bill Coleman (1951/2)
15. Butch Thompson (1995)
16. Wingy Monroe (194X)
17. James Solberg Band (1995)
18. Dick Curless (1957/8)
19. Stan Kenton (1942)
20. Robert Crumb (???)
21. PĂ©rez Prado (1955)
22. Brownie McGee (?)

total 77 artists, a couple more takes than that.

as a bonus check out this awesome video of the Isley Brothers singing Stagolee and pulling a gun out on stage in front of a bunch of Londoners.


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By eugene on 04.12.08 7:08 pm

i have to confess that i really don’t understand the purpose of these list posts. if anyone cares to educate me, feel free.

By peter patnaik on 04.13.08 12:16 am

so people know what we’ve compiled, so that they don’t send the same tracks over and over again? i’m not sure there is a better way to do it.

By eugene on 04.13.08 4:36 am

i still don’t quite follow.
so, are there multiple users who can make entries here? if that’s the case then maybe make a standard format for naming the tracks (e.g. track name – artist name – year)so that if someone tries to make a repost then it should be obvious when uploading.

By John M on 04.13.08 8:44 am

The purpose of the list is to let people that would like to help Pete collect SJI covers, know which ones he already has. Just go back 4 posts and it should be clearer to you. There is only one user (Peter)who can make posts here. The rest can make comments, that may or may not get published.

By Kate on 04.13.08 4:43 pm

BTW, Pete, how goes the searching for a grad school thing? This blog alone ought to get you in with a scholarship! I’m enjoying the growth of this list.
One thing I like to do is find permutations of ‘core’ songs like this and see how they’ve been fed into the bridges or intros of other songs in different genres. You know, like pop songs (Them) that use a Fugue from Bach). Guess it’s time to start listening for strains of SJI. how fun

By mike on 04.14.08 3:11 pm

I think the issue is that you’re just posting a list without saying what it is. Yes, I know you’re compiling a bunch of St. James Infirmary covers, but unless you’ve been following closely, you wouldn’t realize that. The first, and last time you really said that was back in March…

By L. on 04.17.08 8:39 am

If you go onto emusic and do a track search for st james infirmary you get 115 hits – now, a lot of these are duplicates, and many of them you have already but I suspect there may be some in there you don’t have yet.

By samuel smith on 04.20.08 11:10 am

Chuck Miller from the 1956 After Hours album on Mercury has a fine lounge blues interpretation of SJI.

By J Epstein on 06.05.08 7:22 am

Thanks for that great video!

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