Coffin Blues
Posted in 1920s,Female Blues on 02.12.08

If anyone can help me out with my spam issue I’d love to know how to prevent it. I’m currently using Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress, but it doesn’t seem to work that well. Also it doesn’t seem to work with Safari.

I often search my archives to see what I’ve posted before – and upon searching Ida Cox, one of my favorite blues singers of all time – I noticed I’ve only posted her one other time. Of course in that post I expressed my outrange of that same fact. I’ve been listening to Ida sing Coffin Blues, quite possibly the saddest blues song I’ve heard this side of Lonnie Johnson’s Death Valley is Only Half Way To My Home. Backed by Jesse Crump on his beautiful and heartbreaking reed organ Ida sings about burying her man – without metaphor or happiness – this is the sadness of the blues at its most pure.

Ida Cox – Coffin Blues (1925)


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By Edith Frost on 02.13.08 2:15 am

I use a combination of Akismet, plus Bad Behavior, plus Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress (a Greasemonkey script). The latter doesn’t prevent spam, but makes it a lot easier to sift through the pile. And, once I installed Bad Behavior that number dropped to about 1/3 of what it was.

By Adam on 02.13.08 7:34 am

Askimet seems to do a decet job for me, only the occasional spam get through

By frankie on 02.16.08 9:19 am

I’ve been using Spam Karma for a while now… really haven’t had any appreciable problems with spam.

By peter patnaik on 02.16.08 5:35 pm

I just installed Bad Behavior, and it seems to be doing the trick. I used Askimet and it didn’t seem to do a lot, or respond to me marking things as spam. thanks a lot guys!

By Clayton on 02.26.08 4:35 pm

I am looking for a tune talking about the “steely dan” (not the group). Any Ideas??

By LDS on 03.09.08 2:46 am

Can I expect to ever see this lonnie johnson tune posted ? Sounds amazing. Keep up the good work

By Carsten on 07.25.08 2:37 pm

Can’t help with the spam-issue but would like to thank you for this song which I love so much.- Carsten

By Karl Koenig on 10.15.10 5:34 pm

Do you know when Jesse Crump died? I’m writing a book on early jazz and can’t find it on the net. Thanks, Karl

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