The Rest of Billy Bird
Posted in 1930s,Piedmont Blues on 09.23.07

By request here are the other four sides by Billy Bird. Mill Man Blues is a solid blues number, almost the equal Down in the Cemetery. The other two sides are Alabama Blues part 1 and 2. Theses numbers are based off Jim Jackson’s Kansas City Blues, thought they aren’t near as great as that number. Part 1 plays off T for Texas and Part 2 is a little more vulgar, and I think the better take of the song.

Billy Bird – Mill Man Blues (1936)
Billy Bird – Alabama Blues Pt. 1 (1936)
Billy Bird – Alabama Blues Pt. 2 (1936)


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By gustavoblues on 09.24.07 7:38 am


By timbur on 09.24.07 5:51 pm

Thanks for coming back – much appreciated…


By Jivan Vatayan on 10.03.07 2:02 pm

Bill Baird recorded two sides for Columbia on October 29th, 1928.

They are on Columbia record # 14381 D.

On one side is “Down in the Cemetery”.

On the other side is “Mill Man Blues”.

By Jivan Vatayan on 10.03.07 2:08 pm

The other two selections (Alabama Blues) were recorded the same day (October 29th, 1928) and they are on Columbia record # 14418 D – under the name Billy Baird.

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By Daniel on 04.23.08 10:10 pm

It sounds like he’s playing the riff to “Crow Jane” for “Mill Man Blues”. I don’t mean Skip James’ unusual version of the song. I mean the Carl Martin version.

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