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Posted in Honey,Piedmont Blues on 09.19.07

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Last night after writing my post I went through and updated my so so so out of date blogroll, and I didn’t know about all the crazy stuff that’s gone down in the last few months : Tuwa (!!!!) stopped posting, Rev. Frost got kicked out of his home, Big Rock Candy Mountain got their domain stolen! What’s going on people!?

Billy Bird is an unknown from Atlanta – and an outstanding blues singer. Bird isn’t a showy as a lot of the piedmont blues musicians (especially the Atlanta based ones) but his simple, yet poetic sound is what really draws me towards him. This song is painful blues songs about a man lamenting the death of of wife and features such great lines like “I’m going to make a hundred/ I’ll give you ninety-nine” and of course he rolls that “nine” off the tongue and guitar just like Blind Willie McTell would.

Billy Bird – Down in the Cemetery


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By Darren Johnston on 09.19.07 4:28 pm

KOOL! Thxs for the link, And thxs for Billy Bird, I thought I knew all the pre-war atlanta bluesmen…

By Mario Villanueva on 09.19.07 5:48 pm

i was wondering what happened to Big Rock, how can someone steal a blog? the lamer that has it right now is brutal, they have a tenuous grasp on English, to say nothing of their taste in music. keep up the good work!

By peter patnaik on 09.19.07 5:50 pm

is where they’ve set up base for now.

By Elizangela on 12.23.15 4:13 am

Hi Tricia! Thanks for stopping by and inivting me to join in the fun. I’m a little late to the party, I just saw your comment. Hope I’m not too late! I’ll be signing up as a follower here, so I’ll not miss out on your great posts and more barn charm. Thanks again, it’s nice to meet a fellow Missourian!

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