Stuck Inside Of Washington With These Dead Shrimp Blues Again
Posted in Contemporary,Delta on 07.09.07

I’ve been in and out of town for the last couple of weeks – and the next couple of weeks coming up – but I’m trying to post a bunch during my “home” time to catch up. I got stuck in Dulles for like five hours – into the wee hours of the morning, but luckily Dulles is unlike almost every airport I’ve been trapped in recently and had free wireless – so I spent some quality with eMusic and my MacBook. I found this blues guy, Blind Will Dukes who recorded a few tracks in the late 70s pretty much parroting Robert Johnson. There isn’t much if any information on the internet about Duke which makes me think that his name has been misreported on a few releases. Despite the lack creativity in his sound – his voice sells the song – and got me through the night.

Blind Will Duke – Dead Shrimp Blues