Washed Me Clean
Posted in Gospel,Honey,Meta,Texas Blues on 01.17.07

We’ve been working hard on a new revision for the website, I think it will be ready by next month – but I’m most excited about our new logo which looks pretty awesome:

Arizona Dranes (Drane) was a Texas gospel singer who recorded a couple dozen tracks during the 20s, and mixed scared singing and up and coming Texas blues sounds like barrelhouse piano to make up her unique sounds. This sound is so incredibly fresh and exciting today – Dranes leads the chorus while playing piano in a style that would never be aloud in any church of the time and predicts Ray Charles’ blend of gospel and soul by some thirty years. I believe her complete works are out of print now – so if interest is high I’ll post the rest of her songs this week.

Arizona Dranes – Lamb’s Blood Has Washed Me Clean 


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By rubinsztajn on 01.17.07 4:47 pm

Truly an amazing track! I would love to hear more. Thank you.

By alonso on 01.17.07 6:13 pm

interest is high!

By The Doorkeeper on 01.17.07 6:56 pm

Arizona Dranes!! Woo! I have one track on an old C90 and am itching as this downloads.

Thank You ;~)

By Rob Hutten on 01.18.07 10:38 am

Great logo, and great track. Drane’s “He Is My Story” is worth chasing down… one of my favourite prewar gospel recordings. There’s a picture of her here.

By patrick on 01.18.07 2:04 pm

Having just finished a remodel of my own, I wish you luck. If the new logo is any indication, the new design should be great.

Amazing track — the tempo from the piano break through the end is mind-blowing. -pb

By chris on 01.22.07 12:53 pm

Really nice logo, which reminds me that one day I’ve really gotta spruce up my site. And please bring on more Arizona Dranes–the only thing I’d heard by her is the mighty “It’s All Right Now.”

By Enchilada on 01.22.07 4:50 pm

Great logo! Did you design that yourself? The image is good and the typography is fantastic. I look forward to seeing you new design!

By Ben on 01.28.07 4:06 pm

Lord how did I ever live without that song for so long? Thanks!

By Darren on 03.25.07 8:00 am

The logo looks great. It would also look good with a spindle hole in the middle like an old 78 label.

By Brianna on 10.25.09 8:59 pm

This is fantastic, I love this style so much and its a perfect song to use for an example in my folk music class!

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