The Missing Sam Collins
Posted in 1930s,Country Blues,Honey on 01.18.07

It snowed in Greensboro today, forcing me to find, and wear my heavy coat, which I don’t think I’ve worn since 2005. Arizona Danes will start tomorrow, but I know if I don’t do this now I’m going to forget all about it, so here are the remaining Sam Collins tracks that Yazoo didn’t collect on their release – my favorites are the first couple tracks he did with John D. Fox.
Sam Collins with John Fox – Worried Man Blues

Sam Collins with John Fox – The Moanin’ Blues 

Sam Collins – Lonesome Road Blues

Sam Collins – Signifying Blues

Sam Collins – I’m Still Sitting On Top Of The World 

Sam Collins – My Road Is Rough And Rocky (How Long, How Long?) 


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By ropka on 01.19.07 1:41 am

Thanks for uploading these, I was wondering why they missed them out on “Jailhouse blues”, especially Lonesome Road Blues and the Moanin’ Blues

By C. on 01.19.07 9:04 am

Thanks so much!

By David Federman on 01.19.07 10:53 am

You run a nice time travel service where you can’t get off the world or make it stop, but you can sure make it slow down. Thanks for the Arizona Dranes. She made mince meat of the distinction between sacred and secular. And thanks for the Sam Collins. I don’t know who picks the avatars of the blues, but he’s got to be one of them. Keep the splendors coming.

By Lacy on 01.19.07 8:12 pm

Thanks for all the great music. I didn’t realize anyone really loved these anymore.

By sroden on 01.21.07 2:05 pm

jeez… i hope you get snowed in more often! these tracks are stellar… sittin on top of the world…thanks a ton for loading em all up.

By Pablo on 01.22.07 2:01 pm

Regarding Signifying Blues… What does “signifying” mean in the context of the blues? I know of the Signifyin’ Monkey and a couple of other usages of that word, but what does it mean?

By Max Haymes on 04.13.07 4:33 am

Hi there, from across the ditch
Sam Collins was a contemporary of artists like the greatCharley Patton,Peg Leg Howell and Frank Stokes. Some of the most eerie slide guitar/vocals up there with Skip James. His spine-chilling ‘Slow,Mama,Slow’ ranks close to the emotion of Charley P.
Re ‘signifying’: to scandalise tne nmae of a neighbor/ex-lover, etc.
Look forward to any responses re the early blues.
Check out my book ‘Railroadin’ Some'(railroads in the early blues). Music Mentor Books, York, UK. Includes both Sam Collins & Charley Patton.

Yours for the Blues & Railroads
Max Haymes

By Darren Johnston on 09.12.07 2:01 pm

Agree with that comment about Sam Collins. One of the GIANTS of the blues without a doubt! Thxs for these…two I had never heard before! Site is awesome. Thxs!

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