Press My Button, Ring My Bell
Posted in 1930s,Female Blues,Honey on 01.03.07

Happy New Year, blues seekers.  I have lots of back burner projects I’m going really try finally get out of the door this year, such as Honey’s Intro to Blues that’s been half written for like 6 months now. This May will be Honey’s fourth year as the premier pre-war blues mp3 blog, and hopefully our best year yet.

To start off the year I picked Lil’ Johnson’s raunchy classic “Press My Button, Ring My Bell” one of her best dirty blues songs – and while the subject matter is pretty obvious it is still one of the better written songs she preformed.  She is backed on piano by the wonderful Black Bob which also help to raise this performance above normal dirty blues dreck.

Lil’ Johnson – Press My Button, Ring My Bell (1936)


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By Ragdog on 01.03.07 6:21 pm

Happy New Year, Honey!

This is really good. Nasty good.
Looking forward too a new prewar blues year with all these great bluesplayers and bluessingers.

See ya!

By Adam Teale on 01.04.07 3:04 am

Hi Ragdog your site is awesome!
great work!

By Ragdog on 01.04.07 1:39 pm

This awesome site isn’t mine. It belongs to Peter Patniak. It’s the best blog-site in the world.

See ya!

By Random Acts of Insensitivity on 01.06.07 1:34 am

Blues n Boogie Weekend: Prewar Blues Special…

A little something different this weekend. All weekend long, we’ll look at some prewar blues.Honey? You gonna come ’round here to see me this weekend, or what? ;-] On tap this weekend will be Bukka White, Son House, Sonny Boy……

By ropka on 01.10.07 2:53 am

Is there any chance of you uploading the first two yazoo volumes of Barbecue Bob, I cant find them anywhere atall, only the third one.

By Rhudi on 04.06.07 8:36 pm

My kinda song when it comes to the blues. I loved it. This is the first time I have ever heard this one.

By Gina on 06.21.16 5:02 am

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