Lead Me All The Way
Posted in 1920s,Country Blues,Honey on 12.07.06

The final batch of Cryin’ Sam Collins tracks. I hope everyone has enjoyed this album – and by the looks of the bandwidth – you have. If you have any ideas about rare or out of print albums you’d like to see hit me up at pkpatnaik at prewarblues.org and I’ll see what I can do.

11. Do That Thing

12. I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart

13. Loving Lady Blues

14. Midnight Special Blues

15. Lead Me All The Way

16. Graveyard Digger’s Blues 


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By C. on 12.07.06 5:36 pm

Thanks for the album.

By ragdog on 12.07.06 7:31 pm

Many thanks!
This is my favourite album, right now.

From sweden with love, see ya!

By Matt on 12.07.06 9:08 pm

Thank you so much for this album, and thank you so very much for this wonderful website!

By L.G. on 12.08.06 8:59 am

This album is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

By Zachary on 12.08.06 11:23 am

excellant album, thankyou.

from virginia with love!

By Wicked Messenger on 12.08.06 11:59 am

Thank you! Great Stuff… ;)

Greetings from Croatia

By David Federman on 12.08.06 12:55 pm

“I Want To Be like Jesus In My Heart” is the best Christmas song I have discovered this year. Thanks for posting this amazing song.

By Dorinda on 12.08.06 1:24 pm

I just found you last week, and what a terrific site! I don’t know much about prewar blues, but I know I love it and want to learn more. Thanks so much!

By Random Acts of Insensitivity on 12.09.06 11:39 am

Blues n Boogie From Around the Blogosphere…

Friday Night Blues and Beer as usual from Dust My Broom. This week Darcey play some fabulous Kenny Wayne Shepard, Eric Clapton from ‘Me and Mr. Johnson'(love that album), always great Muddy Waters and more. Check it out, Honey has……

By P&G on 12.12.06 5:05 pm

Many thanks for this beautiful album. I love your site more than I can say.

Happy Holidays from KY.

By sroden on 12.13.06 3:56 am

thanks so much for loading these recordings, unbelievable stuff… midnight special… amazing….!

By tuwa on 12.15.06 1:38 pm

Ah, these are wonderful. You’ve done a public service.

By rubinsztajn on 12.18.06 9:56 pm

Thanks for sharing this breath-taking music. I just discovered your site and am excited to read more.

By Phangeaux on 01.07.07 9:02 pm

Thank you for promoting interest in pre-war blues and introducing us to rare recordings and artists from the past. This is a beneficial project.

I was not aware of many of these artists. Sam Collins for example is now one of my favorites. I am listening to Bo-Weavil Jackson right now ‘Devil and My Brown Blues’ – what a great song! I am amazed! Thanks for posting all of this good stuff!

From a musician/songwriter and student of the Blues

By Max Haymes on 04.13.07 5:56 am

Hi there,

Great site and great responses too! Just goes to show if early blues (and gospel) got more airplay on radio for example,then the Blues would be appreciated as being up there with classical music. ‘Cos it is art just the same!
And it’s relevant today.
In closing , I am putting together an article on some roots of Sam Collins and Blind Lemon Jefferson: ‘I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart’; both of course recorded this song. I already have around a dozen earlier gospel versions by quartets/quintettes, etc.going back to 1914, under varying titles; ‘I Want To Be A Christian’, ‘In My Heart’,etc. and nearly as many which remain unissued. Check out earlyblues.com in coming months! Any info. on origins of this song very welcome.

Max Haymes

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