Don’t You Wish Your Baby…
Posted in 1920s,Honey,Texas Blues on 08.16.06

The Pussycat Dolls don’t have anything on Texas Alexander. Alexander was one of the first Texas blues singers, and along with Blind Lemon Jefferson and Blind Willie Johnson really created an unique Texas blues sound, one that’s different from other forms of country blues. This track was recorded in 1928 and I believe it has Lonnie Johnson on guitar and of course Alexander’s wonderful sleepy blues voice that lulls me in and out of this summer day.

Texas Alexander – Don’t You Wish Your Baby Was Built Like Mine? (1928)


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By Slacker on 08.17.06 12:04 pm

You´ve got a marvellous site, all this old rare blues :) Keep up the good work!

By Daryl Foushee on 08.17.06 10:09 pm

That is Lonnie Johnson,and it sounds like he is having a hard time keeping up with Texas Alexnder’s changes

By Steve Sims on 08.21.06 10:34 am

Aaahhh, the great Alger “Texas” Alexander – not for everyone, but most certainly for me!

Totally forgotten now, but something of a star in the 1920s – he could play a bit of guitar and piano, but really “just” a singer. And one of the best male singers of his day, sort of field holler meets Bessie Smith (if that’s not a tautology).

When you find that his accompanists include Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, Eddie Heywood, King Oliver, Mississippi Sheiks, Carl Davis, Little Hat Jones, then he *must* have had something.

They all had more or less trouble keeping up or down to his rhythms (Lonnie handled it best as you may imagine, with his amazing skill; his work with TA among his best IMHO – cf. Little Hat Jones who starts frantic as usual, then hits the wall when TA starts up, fairly amusing but doesn’t hurt the music; but cf. Carl Davis who was great with TA).

My favourite track of TA is “Deep Blue Sea Blues” but there’s lots of others I would love to hear again! (eg. Frisco Train, St Louis Fair, 98 Degree, Johny Behren, Broken Yo Yo, Cross Roads, etc.).

I can’t quite remember, 3 or 4 Document CDs I once had of TA (I’ve had a few collections which I’ve got rid of in – futilely – trying to lose dese blues over the years).

He’s a special, if you like something out of the mainstream. A great and idiosyncratic singer. A short dark man with a great voice who spent some years in jail, and reportedly died from syphalitic complications. But let AMG have the last word: “A primal, stirring blues voice”. Can’t argue with that!!!

Well almost the last word – apparently he was a cousin of Lightin’ Hopkins, but then so was half the population of Texas…

Steve in Oz

By LoRezSky on 08.22.06 10:00 pm

love it.

By Rob Szarka on 10.02.06 11:34 am

I noticed that Alexander was missing from Wikipedia and started an article at — maybe y’all would like to contribute. :)

By Shilpa on 08.13.17 7:51 am

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