Cherry Ball Blues
Posted in Field Recording,Honey,Post-War on 07.14.06

As requested, Jack Owens was one of the last links to pre-war blues music this country had left when he passed in 1997. A bother-in-law for a time to Skip James, his music came from the same place, it was darkly meditative, though Owens wasn’t as skilled as James. This track features Bud Spires on harmonica and was recorded by Alan Lomax in the mid 60s.

Rob Hutton of Long Sought Home(which unfortunately has closed down, though he is preparing his next venture) has a great piece about Owens here.

Jack Owens – Cherry Ball Blues 


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By Wizbang Bomb Squad on 07.14.06 6:53 pm

Blues Music Download Site…

For those of you guys that like to listen to the blues, here is a site for you. It has a lot of prewar blues stuff (1920-1940) These downloads are free, so you can add them to your library and……

By Sean Payne on 07.23.06 8:02 pm

Superb. Thanks for putting this up. We spend so much time looking back on the giants of the past like Skip James, we can forget all the other great work by working musicians. They might not have the consistency, but they can have plenty of peaks, like this one.

More please!

By Jeff Konkel on 07.24.06 10:36 am

Great stuff. For those interested in current sounds from Bentonia, Mississippi (home of Skip and Jack), check out Jimmy “Duck” Holmes who was schooled by Owens.

I’m admittedly a BIT biased . . . I run the country blues label that released Jimmy’s debut CD this spring. Back to Bentonia features Jimmy performing a couple of Skip/Jack classics including Hard Times and I’d Rather Be the Devil along with a bunch of similarly themed minor-key country blues. Jack Owen’s old partner-in-crime Bud Spires appears on three tracks and the legendary Sam Carr drums on three tracks.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought that some of you might be interested. You can hear samples at CDBaby and you can purchase the disc at!

Keep up the great blog! I visit often.

Jeff Konkel

By Jenny on 12.24.15 10:38 pm

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