Love’s Gone Bad
Posted in Honey,Post-War,Soul on 06.02.06

Chris Clark is a musical oddity, a white woman who dated Berry Gordy, and recorded a handful of tracks for his Motown label and pulled it all off. Clark is most often compared to Dusty Springfield, but her voice to me sounds a lot like Nancy Wilson’s voice especially on End of Love. Clark never really made it big, this track Love’s Gone Bad barely hit in the top 50, but it features some stellar Motown production and her voice is just perfect.

Chris Clark – Love’s Gone Bad (1966)


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By Eiliv Konglevoll on 07.10.06 4:20 am

Just found her song on the box One kiss can lead to another. From the first second I remembered the whole song. Strange since it was barely Top 50. I did not know about the artist. But you never forget songs like this.

This is a real “killer”, almost as good as Nowhere To Run. The riff is fantastic, the voice really mean. An All time Classic!



By Stu on 08.10.06 12:40 am

I know I’m very late writing about this post, but good lord it’s glorious.

I just got around to listening the song and it’s out of control. So very good. I’ve been trying to describe it to folks and it just isn’t working…so the link to this entry is going out to everyone I know…

I’m not well versed in any of the music you post, but am yet to find something I don’t like.



By stardust on 08.20.06 6:30 am

Thanks for this great song. I knew already the cover version from the Jacksons and the Underdogs but Chris Clarks songs is the best by far.
Found this site from the UK about Chris Clark
(with some songs and an interview)

Keep up your good work
best wishes from stardust

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By Chtis Clark on 07.15.09 5:33 pm

Thank you for the compliments, I think.
Maybe one day ‘singer’ will be mentioned
before ‘dated Berry Gordy’.

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