Bogus Blues
Posted in 1920s,Hokum,Honey on 04.04.06

Bogus Ben Covington got his title for pretending to be a blind on the minstrel circuit. Ben Covington may have been Ben Curry, who recorded one of the earliest versions of the Dirty Dozens and was a travel mate of Speckled Red. I don’t think I’ve heard Ben Curry, but Oliver et al are normally right about this sort of thing. Convington was also known as “The Human Pretzel” which makes him easily the most talented blues musician to come out of the minstrel circuit. I mean Jim Jackson couldn’t even juggle.
Bogus Ben Covington – Adam and Eve In The Garden (1928)

Opening Day
Posted in Honey on 04.03.06

As a Reds fan, opening day is the best day of the year, such hope, such promise. By day two I’m defeated already and looking forward to next year when we’ll finally get some pitchers. But like all these blues songs say, I know the sun will shine on our backdoor someday. (as I type this, we just gave up 5 runs in the first inning.)

As a tribute to the upcoming baseball season – here is Scottie Nesbitt’s Deep Deep In The Ground.

Scottie Nesbitt – Deep Deep In The Ground