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This maybe a Honey, Where You Been So Long exclusive, but I’m modest enough not to label it as such, or come up with an something like Honey Pots to describe these types of posts. That said, the mailman delivered me the wonderful new Yazoo collection “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of,” to my door Saturday and I haven’t put it down since. The main reason of course is because of the two long-lost sides by Son House recorded at the 1928 Paramount sessions in Wisconsin. These songs Clarksdale Moan and Mississippi Country Farm Blues reveal House at his youngest and most vibrate, Clarksdale Moan in particular is bursting with House’s voice and has jumped up my lists of favorite blues recordings of all time.

If you like the songs, be sure to pick up the album at your local record store. It has a really fun cover by Robert Crumb and the linear notes in typical Yazoo fashion do note reveal personal or recording dates. I also almost broke the cds trying to wrangle them out of the plastic casing, so be careful.

Son House – Mississippi Country Farm Blues

Son House – Clarksdale Moan 


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By L. on 04.11.06 10:58 am


By Lonesome Hobo on 04.11.06 12:54 pm


By Tuwa on 04.11.06 7:17 pm

I love Son House. Amazing work he’s done.

By ZoSo on 04.12.06 4:11 pm

Amazing tracks, quality is a different story, but its Son House so who cares

By Rob Hutten on 04.13.06 11:18 pm

THANK you. Wow. Mr. House was The Man.

By Larts on 04.14.06 12:22 pm

Must have been amazing to see this guy in those days. What a guitar player and what a vocal style. Love it!

I have a recording of Country Farm Blues from 1942 which is fantastic but I think this is even better.

Thank you for sharing.

By Chris on 04.14.06 9:13 pm


These really are extraordinary recordings. Thanks for sharing.

By al cook on 05.01.06 9:35 pm

son house in the 30s was simply the most powerful recording artist, paramount records had on its playlist. it’s quite a pity, that son’s records sold so poor, that only a single copy survived.

clarksdale moan is probably the greatest example of mississippi delta blues at its peak.
i wish, i could have been present at this 28th of may in 1930. patton, brown, louise johnson and son house before the same microphone. ohh lawd. fantastic download. thanks, al cook (vienna, austria)

By chad on 05.08.06 3:43 pm

so how is the rest of the cd?

By Chanfle! on 12.31.06 2:25 pm

Absolutely fantastic.

cheers for sharing!

By FJH on 01.08.07 2:06 pm

I was listening to some Memphis Minnie on Rhapsody on my PC. I saw she was on a recent complication (The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of). I scrolled down the play list and there was a Son House title I didn’t recognize. Then another one. Was I dreaming? Did they just rename some stuff from the original Paramount recordings? I Googled the CD title and found your website to confirm that these are indeed 2 long-lost songs from the Father of the Delta Blues. Incredible.

By Kurt Rightmyer on 01.18.09 2:23 pm

Gayle Dean Wardlow’s book, Chasin’ That Devil Music is a great study in delta blues research. The cd includes some great, lesser known players like Garfield Akers, Ishmon Bracey and Blind Joe Reynolds.

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