I Go To Bed In Misery
Posted in Honey on 03.28.06

Sorry about the lack of updates, last week was pretty hetic, and this week isn’t looking much better, but I should be able to put out a handful of posts before the month ends. Thanks to a helpful reader, I hopefully will be able to to convert the videos to a standard format.

Margaret Whitmire I believe was a  Texas blues singer (though i believe this side was recorded in Chicago),  she has a wonderful, strong voice and is backed by Arnold Wiley who is better here than I’ve ever heard him before.  It’s a pretty straight foward blues song, but sometimes those are the best.

Margaret Whitmire -  That Thing’s Done Been Put On Me


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By Deb C on 03.28.06 10:14 pm

Did you change your format for songs? Rattlesnake bite was the last song that I was able to download. The group of 5 and this latest song won’t go past 2%. I get an error message. I might note that I have dial up, Media Player 10 and I live in a third world country. I can go back and play other songs before March 15 and they work just fine. Also, there are other blogs that I have no problem listening to the entire songs.

By L. on 03.29.06 9:21 am

I’m not having any trouble downloading in the UK

By peter patnaik on 03.30.06 1:59 pm

what is the error message? are you saving the files, or streaming them?

By Deb C on 03.31.06 11:51 am

I click onto the song, my windows media player opens and begings buffering. If I try to listen to any of the song I get a “cannot play the file” error message, or if I pause the playing and just let it load into the player I get the message “windows redirected file to invalid location”. Not sure why this started happening but like I said, Rattlesnake was the last success for me.

By peter patnaik on 03.31.06 10:30 pm

have you tried right click -save target as?

By Deb C on 04.01.06 9:40 am

Oh, thank you so much. It worked. I was heartbroken thinking I lost your new posts. I did the right click thing and I hate to tell you but I always thought “save target” meant bookmark. I had a little trouble at first but our primative server is so spastic that I finally got 2 of the songs. I’ll save the others for later.
Once again, thank you

By Erik HOst on 10.24.06 7:22 pm

Margaret Whitmire, yes probably from Texas. She made 2 recordings only. This 78rpm were first in the hands of Jeff Tarrer, a fine collector from Macon, Georgia.
Nice voice. The other side “Tain’t A Cow In Texas” is wonderful. I love her dictation.

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