The Latter Rain Is Fall
Posted in Honey on 03.30.06

Is anyone else having problems downloading the past couple of songs as in the download will start, then stop before completing?

The Latter Rain is mentioned several times in the Bible, notably in Zechariah 10:1 “Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.” In the post-war period, there was a somewhat controversial Pentecostal movement based around the idea of a Latter Rain. The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards’ Sanctified Singers drew from traditional interpretations as using those interpretations as a way out of the racial oppression of the time.

The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards’ Sanctified Singers – The Latter Rain Is Fall

I Go To Bed In Misery
Posted in Honey on 03.28.06

Sorry about the lack of updates, last week was pretty hetic, and this week isn’t looking much better, but I should be able to put out a handful of posts before the month ends. Thanks to a helpful reader, I hopefully will be able to to convert the videos to a standard format.

Margaret Whitmire I believe was a  Texas blues singer (though i believe this side was recorded in Chicago),  she has a wonderful, strong voice and is backed by Arnold Wiley who is better here than I’ve ever heard him before.  It’s a pretty straight foward blues song, but sometimes those are the best.

Margaret Whitmire -  That Thing’s Done Been Put On Me

More Video Blues
Posted in Honey on 03.17.06

The Son House, Bukka White video has been uploaded and is available to download from the blues video section. I uploaded the full video as well as small files of just the Son House recordings for download. If you have the bandwidth, the full video (350 megs) is worth the download because it has the bukka white parts that I haven’t clipped out as well as Taj Mahal’s introduction for both artists, and he’s wearing some awesome Dwayne Wayne sunglasses.

Because of the bandwidth and space invovled in hosting the videos, they are only available to those who have donated. To donate please click here.

Blues For The Week
Posted in Honey on 03.15.06

It has been a pretty busy week, so here are five tracks for week. More movies should be up tonight, so keep your eyes on the RSS feed for updates.

Links have been fixed. Sorry about that.
Monday – Pinetop Burks – Shake The Shack

Tuesday – Rev. Gary Davis – Oh Lord, Search My Heart
Wedensday – Rev. Johnie Blakey – Jesus Was Here On Business

Thursday – Johnnie Head – Fare Thee Blues

Friday – Betty Davis – Your Mama Wants Ya Back

I’d Rather Be Bit By A Rattlesnake
Posted in Honey on 03.08.06

I have obtained some more blues movies, this time in the form of a the Son House/Bukka White dvd that yazoo put out. The quality of the videos is pretty weird as they are all tinted a reddish color for some reason, but that doesn’t distract from the quality of the performances.

Jimmie Gordon started out in the blues as a singer normally working with a piano and guitar player. In 1937 he fronted the Vip Vop Band a radical change from his earlier blues singer days, and a radical change to the “blues” sound. The Vip Vop sound and attitude is a precursor to bebop and later hiphop, the music was aggressive and dirty and the band members were just as considered about their fashion as they were about the music they were playing.

Jimmie Gordon – Rattlesnake Bite

Everytime You See Her She’s Got A New Lie To Tell
Posted in Honey on 03.07.06

Buddy Moss is almost always forgotten when talk about Piedmont blues, as they they talk about Fuller, McTell, Davis and maybe Blake. Moss was important because he is sort of the missing generation of Piedmont blues, bridging McTell and Blake. I hear a lot of Moss in the early Blind Boy Fuller recordings, but Curley Weaver and Blind Willie Mctell seem to take a lot of their style from Moss, more so than anyone else. And it makes sense as Moss was older than both Weaver and McTell and they would play joints around Atlanta. This recording is Moss solo, which is how I prefer him, he is a great guitar player with an even better voice.

Buddy Moss – Evil Hearted Woman 

And The Blood Runs Crazy
Posted in Honey on 03.03.06

Just a short late night post to let everyone know that the Big Bill Broonzy video is up over at the Blues Video section. It’s awesome. The new Neko Case is also awesome – so here is my favorite track off the album, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood which has some really awesome string work.

Neko Case – Dirty Knife (fixed)

Did You Read That Letter
Posted in Honey on 03.02.06

As I type a video featuring Big Bill Broonzy (I think from the early 50s) is making its way to blues videos, It is a rough transfer, but nothing a harden blues fan can’t deal with. I’ve also uploaded the other track by Walter Rhodes maybe to solve the argument going on about his accordion . To me it sounds like an accordion being played very lazily.

I know a talk a lot of junk about Josh White, but he was still a very under-rated guitar player (before his accident or whatever happened to cut up his hands) and of course that voice. I still think he social protest songs are really boring and silly, but his early gospel and blues songs are wonderful. This track was recorded in 1935 and features Buddy Moss on guitar also.

Josh White – Did You Read That Letter?

Walter Rhodes – Leaving Home Blues 

Lead Belly Video
Posted in Honey on 03.01.06

There are some changes going on at Honey, the first one you won’t really notice but I’ve finally upgraded to the new WordPress which gives me a lot of fun ajax stuff going on behind the scenes. More importantly the new WordPress has a great ajax template called K2 which I will hopefully be migrating to soon – as it runs smoothly and has fun features like live search and lots of cool web 2.0 style nonsense. If anyone knows a quick and dirty way to port this site to K2 (as i don’t really understand how it is set up) let me know. There is a test site up here, but nothing is there yet.

I have also uploaded the only video of Lead Belly known to exist to the Blues Videos section of the blog. It’s from 1945 and it’s wonderful. I have another Big Bill Broonzy video still to upload, hopefully by tomorrow it will be up. Please use VLC as your video player as it don’t sweat the codecs game. To help out with the bandwidth usage of hosting the blues videos they are donor only, so if you like the site and want to see the videos I am hosting please consider donating. As a teaser to the video here is Lead Belly in 1934 singing while in prison for Alan Lomax.

Lead Belly – Midnight Special