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January marked the first month since the move that the old site wasn’t the top referrer. Big ups to Said the Gramophone.

Top songs for Janurary 2006.

1. Bille Holiday – Don’t Explain
2. Walter Cole – Mama Keep Your Yes Ma’am Clean
3. Superwolf – I Gave You
4. Montana Taylor with Bertha Chippie Hill – Worried Jailhouse Blues
5. Walter Taylor – Diamond Ring Blues
6. Issac Hayes – Runnin’ Out Of Fools
7. Lead Belly – Stewball
8. Andrew and Jim Baxter – Operator Blues
9. Kid Prince Moore – Honey Dripping Papa
10. Dick Justice – Brownskin Blues

harry reser and band

Harry Reser sort of makes me feel like i’m going crazy. His quick tenor banjo playing, backed with a full band feels weird to me – and it so damn fast. He wrote the first Heebe Jeebes, which is fitting. The other song posted is Crackerjack is an amazing in about every way – and I’m not really a sucker for banjo instrumentals – but this is so different than what pre-war country was doing that it really grabs me.

Harry Reser – Heebe Jeebes (link fixed)
Harry Reser – Crackerjack


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By Kate on 02.06.06 8:29 pm

Heebe Jeebes gives me a message that the site may have been moved. In short, there’s no there there.

But I sure liked Crackerjack! I’m with you, banjo doesn’t usually do it for me, but that’s a fun, energetic piece. Thanks again for something unusual that opens up my musical horizons.

By Geoffrey Smith on 02.06.06 9:46 pm

Same for me. Crackerjack is movin’.
I want the rest.

By L. on 02.07.06 11:00 am

I don’t understand the comment about country. Reser plays the 4-string Tenor banjo, not the 5-string banjo as most country players (Charlie Poole, Dave Macon etc.) played. He is much more in the ragtime tradition, though there too, the 5-string was popular : Fred Van Epps, Vess L. Ossman.

Tha Banjo in all its forms is of course one of god’s own instruments and is wonderful in every way.

By peter patnaik on 02.10.06 1:03 pm

Yea i tend to only listen to pre-war country banjo or like post-war scruggs style bluegrass banjo, so this was amazing to hear. i need to check out the other ragtime banjo players you listed, stat.

By bopst on 02.11.06 1:42 am

it’s such sweet music…

By L. on 02.15.06 8:44 am

If you haven’t heard Ossman or Van Epps you are in for a treat! (Van Epps of course was the father of a whole family of jazz musicians of whom George Van Epps the 7-string guitarist is probably the best known – he is rather fine too if you haven’t heard him)

By Pat Doyle on 04.14.11 9:41 am

Correct spelling is Fred Van Eps.

By Pat Doyle on 04.14.11 9:41 am

Correct spelling is Fred Van Eps

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