Mama Keep Your Yes Ma’am Clean
Posted in Honey on 01.04.06

Hurrah for the first post of the new year!

I got a spat of great reissues in the past few weeks most notably “Good For What Ails You” from Old Hat records, who put out the wonderful violin blues comp a few years back and the good, if not great Joe Bussard picked collection of pre-war tunes last year. They are also located in North Carolina which gives them a nice place in my heart. This wonderful track is from that comp – buy it!

This track by Walter Cole, who may also be several hundred other blues musicians like Kid Cole and Bob Coleman (of cincy jug band fame) is the foundation point for one of my favorite songs “Keep It Clean” by Charley Jordan. It’s also the starting point for the Hattie Hart tune “Won’t You Be Kind To Me?” Walter Cole has a strong voice and is backed by a stellar bad with guitar, piano and violin. What more could a blues fan want?

Walter Cole – Mama Keep Your Yes Ma’am Clean