My Dream Blues
Posted in Honey on 01.19.06

I guess I’m not the best on keeping up with pre-war blues news, but this is still exciting – a long lost Son House recording was found recently – Mississippi County Farm Blues/Clarksdale Moan from the 1930 Paramount recording sessions. Yazoo I guess snatched up the rights to the recording and will be releasing it later this year on “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” which I reckon will have a bunch of found and rare recordings. As a side note, Yazoo should hire me to update to their website which seems like it hasn’t been updated since last winter. I smell a perfect joint venture.

St Louis Jimmy Oden recorded under the name “Old Man Oden” on a handful of tracks, which has got to be the worst blues nickname I’ve ever heard. It is a fitting name, however, his voice is aged beyond his years due to substance abuse. This track has him backed by Roosevelt Sykes, in one of his finest accompaniment tracks.

St. Louis Jimmy Oden – My Dream Blues


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By L. on 01.20.06 8:29 am

Is that the track that everyone has been looking for essentially forever and that had pretty well been given up on? Those old Paramounts were pretty poor quality to start with, so I have heard, so goodness knows what survives on one that has been lost till now!

Have any of the lost Blind Blake tracks turned up? I don;t even know wher to look to find out that kind of information!

By Sabri on 12.23.15 1:18 am

Oh my god, how adorable. Congratulations to all of you. You have been given lots of great advcie to help you through the down but can I just reiterate on the bits about try to go out every day even for a short time and be easy on yourself. You will soon find a new routine that suits you all. When V was born it took me about 6 weeks to start feeling normal-ish again. Can’t wait to meet petite pea, let me know when you are up for it xxx

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