Honey Dripping Papa
Posted in Honey on 01.18.06

I didn’t think I was doing too awful in my updates until my mom called me and told me I should be posting more. Color me embarrassed. Be sure to check out Long Sought Home this week, he has an stunning track by De Paur Infantry Chorus that’s so good, I wish I had posted it first.

Also I have a couple of Free Month passes to emusic.com send me an email and i’ll send you the code for a month’s worth of free tracks (40 songs).

Kid Prince Moore’s name has always been familiar to me, even before I heard his music, because he appears in a lot of blues rock songs (we borrowed and ruined this blues songs) in their liner notes. Not that I hate blues rock, but we aren’t on good speaking terms. Moore was one of the last Piedmont blues artist to record in the Piedmont, as Decca closed their recording studio in late 1938. Moore is a fantastic and unique guitar player – the first track posted, Sign of Judgment his signature “free-thumbing” style steals the show, though his voice is almost as strong as his guitar style. The second track was one of the last one he recorded, this one is more of collaborative work as Shorty Bob Parker’s guitar is more pronounced and the lyrics and style are more typical and commercial ordinated than Sign of Judgment, which isn’t to take anything away from the track as it’s still really great.

Kid Prince Moore – Sign of Judgment
Kid Prince Moore – Honey Dripping Papa


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By The Zeitghost on 01.19.06 12:12 am

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By frankie on 01.20.06 1:01 am

Actually, Honey Dripping Papa is Kid Prince Moore playing alone, vocal and guitar. Shorty Bob parker was a piano player and Moore played quite a few duets with him in the studio. Moore’s solo material is stronger, imo, and when he does blues, he draws deeply from Blind Blake – especially apparent on Honey Dripping Papa.

Sign of Judgement is definitely the more enigmatic piece – moreso even than Church Bells, the other side of the record.

By peter patnaik on 01.20.06 3:40 pm

thanks for the correction! i hear blind blake a lot, but i also hear slyvester weaver in his guitar also.

By Jpylnxy on 03.16.20 1:33 pm

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