2005, The Year That Was
Posted in Honey on 01.20.06

These stats are from when we changed over to prewarblues.org in May – but really they are from around late June when I stopped deleting songs (shhh!) though I should clean the system out soon. Anyway I love stats, so hopefully this year google will hook me up with a anayltics account.

Top 10 downloads for the year 2005.

1. Billie Holiday – Don’t Explain

2. Big Mama Thornton – Yes, Baby
3. Mose Andrews – 10lb Hammer
4. Precious Bryant – You Don’t Want Me No More
5. Ozella Jones – I Been A Bad Bad Girl Prisoner Blues
6. Roosevelt Graves – I Woke Up (With My Mind On Jesus)
7. Pete Johnson – Roll ‘Em
8. Trixie Smith – You’ve Got To Beat Me To Keep Me
9. Ethel Waters – Get Up Off Your Knees
10. Bumble Bee Slim – If Blues Was Whisky


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By Merv on 01.20.06 8:34 pm

Wow, Ethel Waters is only number 9 on the list? If you were able to keep track of how many times a song was played after it’s been downloaded, it would surpass Lady Day because it feels like I’ve been playing the song non stop. I’m loving it!

By nickink on 01.21.06 8:19 pm

Great to see Ozella Jones and Trixie Smith on that list.

By Tuwa on 01.22.06 8:55 pm

You have to have a privacy policy on your site to use Google Analytics. I saw some other requirement (that I don’t remember what was) that I didn’t meet when I was considering it.

If they send me another invitation code I’ll pass it along to you.

By peter patnaik on 01.24.06 1:51 pm

It’s really wonderful to see the number of women blues artists on the list – I remember when I first started the blog, no one would ever download the female blues songs, now the top songs for the year were mostly ladies.

By Tuwa on 04.04.06 9:32 pm


I just got my Google Analytics invitation.

As mentioned earlier, they require you to have a privacy policy. They have some other requirements here you might want to look over: http://www.google.com/analytics/tos.html

At any rate, email me if you still want it and I’ll hook you up.

[…] Blind Roosevelt Graves. It’s so nice to hear a song about Jesus that doesn’t make me break out in hives. “Woke Up This Morning (with my mind on Jesus)” can be found via the excellent Pre-War Blues. […]

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By Sneha on 12.23.15 4:04 am

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