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Posted in Honey on 11.23.05

Ya’ll picked ’em. Now everyone can download them. The other installments are in the works – but they shouldn’t take as long as this one. To download the zip file check the sidebar. This zip and the zip of my favorite blues songs will be for those kind folks who have donated Honey over the past year which help us secure a domain name, pay for hosting – and enough hosting so they we can host blues videos and mixtapes. We will start fund raising for 2006 soon, but for now just enjoy 25 of the best blues songs I’ve ever heard as picked by the kind readers of Honey.

If you want to donate now and get access to all the cool stuff you see on the sidebar click here. All money is being put towards next year’s hosting goal. Thanks again.

I’m going to be away for a few days so I’m posting three songs today. Like always, if you download one a day they last longer – and you don’t get those headaches at night from staying up all night and eating Oreos and listening to Charles Wright. Wednesday and Thursday’s tracks are picked from the Reader’s Choice list that’s now available to download.

Wedensday – Henry Thomas – Bull Doze Blues
Thursday – Willie Walker – Dupree Blues
Friday – Charles Wright and the 103 Rhythm Band – Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)


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By Trick on 11.23.05 9:40 pm

I really enjoy Henry Thomas, who I just found this year. He was from Mineola in East Texas, just a few miles from my hometown. Canned Heat’s “Goin’ Up the Country” has been one of my favorite songs since the 1960’s and I never knew its roots were in my own backyard. Also listen to his song “Railroadin’ Some” i a journey through East Rexas of the early 1900s.

By fred3030 on 11.26.05 7:43 pm

I, too, have always enjoyed Canned Heat, and I’ve heard lots of claims for where “Goin’ Up the Country” came from, but this one is definitive. As a Blues music proverbial knee-high, I love this kind of stuff! It makes me want to dig deeper into the Blues. I’m up here in Ontario, Canada, hardly a hotbed of Americana music, so any educational stuff is greatly appreciated.

By GUIOM HURET on 12.22.06 4:28 am

All music lover, real music addicts think they’re alone and nobody will ever understand their taste or crush on some weird songs, long time forgotten…..well, this ain’t necessarly so. In fact it’s the opposite. Thanks again for let us hear or discover great forgotten songs when, on the other hand we are overloaded with new stuff that depressed us as they are soo many… Quality over quantity, that’s the answer.

Guiom, from Paris, France.
What a great idea

By patrick le brun on 12.23.06 3:40 am


By Kooks on 12.23.06 7:32 am

Thanks for this 3 songs.


By Vero on 12.30.06 3:45 pm

Thank you for the gift…i hope a nice next year to you, a very nice man !

Vero, Mont Saint Martin, France

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