You Gotta Lay Your Head
Posted in Honey on 11.01.05

October was a pretty great month for Honey, record number of vistiors/downloads and we are still here! The blues lists are coming together, though I’ll have to say it is a lot more fun to put together the reader choice list than it is to finish up my lists.

Lonnie McIntorsh was a memphis gospel singer who did a handful of solo songs as well as a handful of song as part of the Elder McIntorsh. Lonnie has a very tender voice, almost decepitivly so, this song “Sleep On Mother, Sleep On” features some quick instrumentation and Lonnie’s voice is almost too soft to really compete with the playing. It works because the softness of the voice and the crying delivery really plays well with the increasingly quick instrumentation.

Lonnie McIntorsh – Sleep On Mother, Sleep On