Lonesome Frisco
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I figured as the admin of the wiki site that I could add/remove pages no sweat. I mean how hard could it be? Very hard apparently. Ya’ll have my word that I’ll hunt through as many forum pages as needed to come up with a working wiki page. It’s going to be great.

Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton played a large part in the development of both blues and country music. As blues artists Jimmie Tartlton develop his steel slide guitar style by learning from both blank and white artists different guitar and banjo styles. Tom Darby was the singer and one of the first High Lonesome style singers that would dominate both country and bluegrass and become part of their signature style. The blend of Darby and Tarlton’s styles is unique and one that feels like the perfect blend of pre-war country and pre-war blues styles. Tarlton’s guitar, I think is what really gets me into these guys – it’s just so good.

Darby and Tarlton – Lonesome Frisco Line


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By Daniel on 04.30.08 10:26 pm

I wouldn’t describe Darby’s vocals as “The High Lonesome Sound” at all. Darby had a very average voice that rarely reached a high register. Jimmie Tarlton’s the guy who is always howling in a beautiful falsetto while playing insane guitar. He’s the real star of the group, and one of the most under-appreciated musicians of the 20th century. I have the Darby & Tarlton box set from Bear Family, and when you compare Darby’s solo sides to Tarlton’s, it’s like comparing McDonald’s to 5 star Italian cuisine!

By Kaley on 03.09.17 8:30 am

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