Uncle Sam
Posted in Honey on 09.06.05

We switched DNS servers over the holiday, but nothing seemed to go down for any length of time. The new server should be faster and more stable – also I now have a real pop3 server so that I don’t have to forward my email from @prewarblues.org to gmail anymore. Also if you want a prewarblues.org email account email me and we’ll set it up…for free!

The Tudie Wells track for a few weeks back went over well, so I’m posting her only other song for download. Uncle Sam blues was written by Clarence Williams for Sara Martin who had a fairly large hit with it. Almost every time a song was a hit in the blues market, record companies would flood the market with their rising stars doing that very same song or a simple variation on the hit. Not much is known about Wells outside of these two songs. The thing that strikes me most about the tracks is how slow they are – the pacing and beat is so much slower than any other blues song I’ve heard.

Tudie Wells – Uncle Sam Blues
Tudie Wells – Baby’s Got The Blues

Who Is Going To Help?
Posted in Honey on 09.02.05

If you can please try to donate to your favorite rescue charity to help the victims of Katrina. For a blues ordinated relief fund Music Maker Foundation has set up a fund to help the musicians of the areas devastated by the hurricane.

Lee Dorsey was one of the best singers to come out of New Orleans, and that’s saying a lot. Produced mostly by Allen Toussaint (who was last seen at the Superdome, so let’s hope that he’s doing okay) they turned out some of the greatest rock n’ roll songs of the mid 60s. This track “Who Is Going To Help The Brother Get Further” is some good and funky – I could really listen to Dorsey’s voice reading the mail.

Lee Dorsey – Who Is Going To Help The Brother Get Further