Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
Posted in Honey on 09.13.05

When I was a kid, I had a dub of a dub of a dub of a Clarence Gatemouth Brown album. I’m not really sure which one it was, but I thought it was awesome that this guy’s nickname was “Gatormouth.”I learned later that it was Gatemouth which didn’t seem as cool, but I still loved that tape. Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown died this past weekend at the age of 81. He wasn’t just a great blues guitar player, he was an all around entertainer as skilled on the guitar as the harmonica as the violin. He touched every aspect of American music and pulled it all off.

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown – Hurry Back Good News



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By m.a. sample on 09.13.05 9:43 pm

i had the pleasure of working with ‘gatemouth’ during the mid-90s. he was such a character, as were the rest of those guys, like tommy ridgely, (who always wore the loudest shoes, socks, ties and leisure suits on stage, he was a trip to hang with, shared beers at the saturn bar after a show one rainy night) …
the gate will be miss around the w’room. he was a versitile artist, ‘specially when he did his ‘hendrix thing’, and he played til the house was empty, and on his last day no doubt.

By mister anchovy on 09.13.05 11:31 pm

I saw Clarence Gatemouth Brown play many years ago at Albert’s Hall in the Brunswick House Tavern in Toronto. He put on an excellent, if quirky and eclectic show. It was particularly memorable because he brought his young daughter on stage to sing You are my Sunshine with the band.

By Young Hip on 10.18.05 3:49 am

Back in the late 70’s, I saw Clarence play at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln Nebraska. I remember he “just exploded” on stage with whatever instrument he picked up. He was the best.

By JOE on 10.23.05 8:58 am

I am new to playing. I love the blues. Last night I saw Gatemouth on TV in Lighting in a bottle. Never heard of him before. I was so impressed I left the room as soon as his playing had ended and I looked him up on the web to learn about him.I discovered this site, and, sadly, just now, I learned that he was gone.
I’m not the best guitar player yet, certainly nothing to write home about, but Gatemouth’s style and licks are going to be a major part of my learnig from now on.
To all of you out there who knew him, my sympathies. He was something special, even to this novice.
God Bless.

By slim vincent on 11.25.05 1:12 pm

hi guys
talk about missing some one,ill miss gatemouth,not only as a person,but a great fiddle player
he played as he felt,im an eighty year old fiddler,who player with bill haley,on station wdel,del.and i still play.i hope not two soon,ill be jamming with gatemouth in the rehurst room upstairson gods station wlove.

regards to all
slim vincent

late fourties,on wdel

wilington,del.the same way ill miss gatemouth,in them days,our fiddle style was very close

By go13 on 02.24.06 2:43 am

I just found this 6 months later…. Thanks for keeping the file “hot”. I’m going back thru trying to make sense of everything that happened during the last half year. I had the privilege of seeing clarence gatemouth brown at the jazz fest a few times, and at the howling wolf a few more….. the last time I saw him, he called me a badass (in the good way).

So many people going so fast. Once again, thanks for keeping the link up…. those of us with ties and history in the big easy are still trying to find the salves. Where is Gilead exactly?

By bert dansereau on 01.01.07 1:05 am

Clarence was a good man. I was just a fan with the nerve to invite him to my home to play some tunes. I really didnt expect him to accept but he did and we spent an afternoon eating BBQ and talking about music. I was hoping he would play but he didnt. We just talked about music and the way it was headed
and a few other things.I will always appreciate his generous attitude to one of a million fans. Clarence Gatemouth Brown was truly a good man and I miss him

By Lannis Loyd on 05.01.07 4:40 pm

Clarence was indeed a good man. During the time I played with him (mid seventies) He loaned me a guitar and money, (literally) saved my life, made sure I as well as the drummer were always healthy & fed, all while teaching me more about music and being a real player than anyone in my life – Thanks Gate, I didn’t really say it then, but I’m saying it now. Hope to see ya soon

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