5/5/2005 03:08:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Here is the final draft of the Volume Two tracklisting. The mix will be available next week to download as a .rar file - complete with cover and tracklisting for those who donate at least 3 dollars. If you have donated and are unable to download the mix for whatever reason and would like it mailed please email me. There is one other song I might include, but it doesn't have a home yet.

Honey, Where You Been So Long?:
Volume 2 (16 October 2004 to 6 May 2005 )

1. Rev. Isaiah Shelton - The Liar
2. Memphis Sanctified Singers - He's Got Better Things For You
3. Blind Jeesie Harris - Been In The Jailhouse
4. Rev. B. J. Hill - Lower My Dying Head
5. Roy Green - A and B Blues
6. Jesse "Babyface" Thomas - My Heart's A Rolling Stone
7. Bumble Bee Slim - Feather Bed
8. Bertha "Chippie" Hill - Pratt City Blues
9. Victoria Spivey - Down Hill Pull
10. Lousie Johnson - All Night Long
11. Hersal Thomas - Suitcase Blues
12. St. Louis Bessie - He Treats Me Like A Dog
13. Lucille Bogan - Skin Game Blues
14. Buddy Woods - Don't Sell It Don't Give It Away
15. Doctor Clayton - Honey Stealin' Blues
16. Pete Harris - Is You Mad At Me
17. Whistlin' Alex Moore - Them May Not Be My Toes
18. St. Louis Jimmy - That's All I Think|||111532337998563967|||Tracklist