5/18/2005 08:52:00 AM|||Geoffrey Balasoglou|||Zutty Singleton was a true jazz innovator. He was one of the leading drummers of the pre-war era having played with Charlie Creath, Louis Armstrong's Hot Five, and Fats Waller. Zutty helped establish the drums as a soloing instrument and was innovator in his use of brushes when he drummed. Today's track is a recording of Jelly Roll Morton's King Porter Stomp. It was recorded by Zutty Singleton's Orchestra in 1940. This "Hot" jazz recording features a nice little brushed drum solo from Zutty himself. Unfortunately I wasn't able to track down the personnel for this recording, but I hope you will enjoy it none the less.

- Zutty Singleton

Zutty Singleton & His Orchestra - King Porter Stomp|||111642489852447736|||Nutty Zutty