5/13/2005 02:14:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Boing Boing gave us a nice boost yesterday, but didn't destroy our servers which is always nice. If you have donated and haven't received an email about the new Volume 2 download, please email me - I think I have at least one bad email address. Volume Two and a real donation page where as soon as you donate you'll have access to the Volume 2 download should be up soon (with the new redesign that hopefully shouldn't take too long this weekend). In blog news lemon-red is blowing up - getting dj/rupture(!!!) to do a mix for his site, damyo.

So I was going to post a track off the new Ryan Adams album, but that is streaming for free at his website and this demo track by him is a lot more interesting. Recorded a few days before he recorded his first solo album, Adams did some pretty sparse and really wonderful tracks that were shelved until they managed to leak out earlier this year. This track Memories of You reminds me a lot of the songwriting on Whiskeytown than his solo stuff - needless to say it's fantastic.

Ryan Adams - Memories of You|||111601467021161046|||Memories of You