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When I first start this blog (almost a year ago this month) every Friday I posted a pre-war country track, however I don't really have a lot of pre-war country that died out pretty quickly. This past week I picked this really awesome pre-war country set called Virginia Roots - The 1929 Richmond Sessions. It is the audio companion to a larger work going on at the University of Virginia detailing the states vast musical history. The set documents Okeh's recording trips and compiles all the sides that they released from these sets. It's an amazing work featuring some really stunning sides like this side from Blues Birdhead. Blues Birdhead or James Simons is the harmonica player on this track is really amazing he's accompanied by a unknown piano player, the sound they put together is something I've never heard before - a wonderful mix of blues and country but still new sounding even after seventy some years.

More Information About Virginia Roots: The 1929 Sessions Here
. (You can't buy it from that site anymore, but several online cd shops still stock it)

Blues Birdhead - Mean Low Blues
|||111541130044369660|||Mean Low5/7/2005 05:24:22 AM|||Anonymous|||Wow... That is tasty. Very jazzy phrasing; it sounds like this guy was listening to a lot of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, rather than contemporary Blues or Country harp players.

GJ5/15/2005 04:49:53 AM|||puptentacle|||Just discovered your site tonight. Thanks for keeping this music alive!!!

I'm from Virginia (transplanted to California) and I had no idea this existed. Thanks!!!