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The archives at the Library of Congress must be the most wondrous place in the entire world filled to the ceiling stacks and stacks of amazing recordings like this one. Alan Lomax recorded a series of interviews and songs with Jelly Roll Morton, who had bottomed out after being one of the most famous piano players in America during the early 30s, about jazz and blues and Morton played some of the most harrowing numbers that I've ever heard. These 1938 sessions are some of the most personal recordings I've ever heard blues or otherwise. All four volumes of these sessions are available at the Library of Congress website, as well as Amazon.

Jelly Roll Morton - I Hate A Man Like You
|||111513190379561706|||I Like You Strong5/3/2005 03:55:13 PM|||Anonymous|||That was such a gorgious track. Thanks for the exposure!5/3/2005 11:32:50 PM|||Merv|||Congrats on the move. And yeah, that Jelly Roll track is really moving, not the type of music of his that I'm readilly familiar with. Bluesy and soulful.5/4/2005 11:06:23 AM|||Will|||there is some amazing stuff on the LoC web site...

I wish smithsonians folkways was available in the same way!