5/12/2005 02:45:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||To my brother who turns 29 and yet non the wiser today. I hope this shout out passes as a wonderful gift and card. Apparently Boing Boing posted about us today hopefully everything will avoid being broken. Also I always get excited about that list of Old Timey sites but none of them are actual mp3 blogs which makes me sad, we need to get a pre-war ring going on,really. I'll be moving over to Word Press for my blogging needs this weekend hopefully. It shouldn't cause any downtime, but we'll see. I'm really excited about all the opitions Word Press offers over Blogger.

One of Stylus Magazine's writers made a brief post about Sonny Boy Williamson and through the conversation in the comments I felt that I should post my favorite Williamson track. This track features Williams with a small band (just piano and sparse drums) and some fantastic harmonica playing, but it's more focused on Williamson impeccable vocal delivery of the song. For fun compare this track, Decoration Day (38) with the Blues Birdhead - Mean Low Blues That (29) posted at the bottom of this page.

Sonny Boy Williamson -Decoration Day No. 2 |||111592842473953481|||Happy Birthday !5/13/2005 02:21:43 PM|||Anonymous|||Sure it's not "Decoration Day?"
I'm pretty sure that's what they used to call The 4th of July/Independence Day...

GJ5/13/2005 03:45:42 PM|||Bob Linn|||Sonny Boy Pretty clearly says Decoration Day which was, in the South, akin to Memorial Day, a day in which cemeteries were cleaned and decorated, especially to honor the Confederate dead. These cleanings were almost family reunions and were adopted by both black and white southernors. I have a friend from Alabama who still returns home every spring for Decoration Day.5/13/2005 04:05:18 PM|||peter patnaik|||yea it's Decoration Day. there's a lot of typos in that post really.