5/9/2005 02:35:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||The RSS/XML feed has been fixed, though I guess I need to go around and submit my feed to bunch of sites again. Geoff's post on Red Allen is pretty great and features some really solid tracks by him - and it's good to have him writing again. Hopefully his long awaited post about Roy Smeck will be up soon ;) Also the site was hard to access on Sunday because of the silly stat counter, but its gone now (it sucked anyway) and hopefully reinvigorate will be back up soon for my statcounting needs.

This song was requested over the weekend, it's Barbecue Bess by Lucille Bogan. I tend to prefer Bogan's non dirty blues sides (also because Lil Johnson and others do them so much better) but this song has some fun double entendres and a really hot backing band led by Walter Roland. Note: Bogan recorded this track under the name Bessie Jackson in 1935.

Lucille Bogan (as Bessie Jackson) - Barbecue Bess|||111566531692967971|||Barbecue for Sale5/11/2005 09:30:42 PM|||keef|||I really enjoy this track.

Thank you very much!