4/18/2005 11:03:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||This Thursday marks the second year anniversary of the passing of Nina Simone. I pay tribute to her each year through my radio program and this year through both my radio program and blog, I do this for several reasons, first and most important is the impact of her wonderful body of work on my life both musically and inteclectually but also emotionally. Feel free to send in comments and songs and I'll work them in with my postings. Also through the week I'll be posting some of Nina Simone's influences (mainly Billie Holiday) but also some other female blues singers to give a greater context to the work. I'm really bad speaking about music at times, I prefer to let the music speak for itself normally - and this will be the case with today's pick "Don't Smoke In Bed"

Recorded in 1964 and released as her first album for Philips, Simone deftly mixes humor, the American songbook and protest into one, if not the best concert albums I've heard. Don't Smoke In Bed is my favorite from a literally perfect album that includes "Mississippi Goddamn," which is quite a feat. Don't Smoke In Bed is classic Simone, very quite and tender, but still retains that power that just makes me fall in love with the song over and over again.

Nina Simone - Don't Smoke In Bed|||111385803133490732|||Tribute To Nina Simone4/18/2005 05:12:43 PM|||Anonymous|||I have been waiting for this week, since last year. Bring it.

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