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This track is by George "Bullet" Williams and has been a radio show stable for a number of week, but I haven't gotten around to posting here yet. Williams is a stunning harmonica player which a great big voice that just wants to shatter my speakers every time I listen to this track. Williams' style of playing is referred to as "sung" style where he uses his harmonica as another voice on the side as compared to Sonny Terry's style where he uses the harmonica(and his voice) to emulate a country violin sound. Really just amazing music here.

George "Bullet" Williams - Touch Me Light,Mama
|||111290019813106914|||Touch Me Light, Mama4/7/2005 08:19:27 PM|||Anonymous|||Wait a minute... Who's singing lead, and who's playing harp?

Williams couldn't be doing both, if this track is as old as it sounds...

GJ4/7/2005 09:32:52 PM|||peter patnaik|||yea i should clear that up. there is a unknown on voice and williams on harp. so two voices.4/8/2005 07:10:34 PM|||mister anchovy|||very, very nice cut. thank you