4/14/2005 02:06:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||After two days of nasty weather, spring has returned to my neck of woods. Make sure you check out Locust St, who is concluding up 1950 with a pair of great Duke Ellington tracks but also a wonderful list of 1950 movies which shows that 1950 might have been the best year in film history. A great new blog Filthy Choice has a trio of fantastic live soul selections, including a really great Temptations number, but I gotta ask him, where are the Isley Brothers?

The great Tommy Dorsey started out in the blues recording under the name Georgia Tom. As Georgia Tom he recorded a number of secular blues tracks with lots of blues greats including Ma Rainey(He's actually in the picture in the banner) and Bessie Smith and writing countless great blues standards. The reason I find this side so charming is because it's wonderful song with Kansas City Kitty who recording very infrequently and this great Tommy Dorsey, who would later become the biggest gospel writer/singing in the world, it's a wonderful slice of Dorsey's recording life.

Kansas City Kitty and Georgia Tom - How Can You Have The Blues?
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