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If all of the donation efforts go this well, we will only have to worry about donations once a year, like NPR or something. But we haven't reached our yearly goal yet, so keep on donating. Also for volume two of the mix, it's going to be that fire, really. In related news we are almost at the new cap for bandwidth usage, so hopefully the server I'm on now won't go down before the end of this month and before I can move everything over to the new server.

A fella on called my radio show last night asking about this song, and I said that I'd post it for him. Stump Johnson was a piano player in St. Louis who was widely recorded both as a solo player and on duets such as this one with Dorathea Trowbridge. This song bears a strong resemblance to the post-war hit for several people including Little Richard as "You Hear Me Knocking." Stump Johnson after the war didn't record at all and when he died in the late 60s was working for the city in the tax department.

Stump Johnson with Dorathea Trowbridge - Steady Grindin''
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