4/13/2005 03:21:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Apparently, blogger ended the recover post thing yesterday. I lost my post today, it was filled with stories of my blogshare addiction and my radio show (TONIGHT 7-9pm at wuag.net).

These recordings are two of my favorite recordings of all time. Recorded in 1941 by Alan Lomax, these Son House recordings feature him in his prime backed by the best blues band I've ever heard. Recorded in Mississippi, at near a train station (this building was one of the few powered buildings in the area) these recordings really have a life of their own and sound totally different from any other blues recordings from the post-war area, they are loose and fast and have this spirit that is almost always lost in the studio. House has never sounded better, he is much more assured than on his first recordings in 1931, but his skills have not yet diminished as they would be the time he recorded again in 1965. Note: these tracks are pretty long and the file sizes for both of them are 9.4 megs.

Son House - Government Fleet Blues
Son House - Walking Blues|||111342225215326051|||Problem With The Problem With The Problem4/13/2005 04:29:07 PM|||Anonymous|||Wow, thanks Peter; very cool.

It's interesting that you point out the recording location-- I thought I heard an actual train whistle in the background (just before the unintelligible verse that starts after "...lose my mind...").

What else do you know about the recording? Who's on harp, and who's on mandolin? Is there a second guitar player? (Hard to tell)...

GJ4/13/2005 07:34:08 PM|||peter patnaik|||Fiddlin' Joe Martin is on mandolin, Leroy Williams is on harp and Willie Brown is the other guitar.I had written more before blogger shutdown this afternoon, so i only put a shorter version of the post. It's the first part of Lomax recordings of Son House, the second part took place the next year and are equally as good.

Lomax mentions that he recorded a version of Death Letter Blues in his memoirs, but I have never seen a version of these recordings that have it listed.4/13/2005 11:45:18 PM|||Anonymous|||there is a cool synchronicity here -- I was just listening to the Alan Lomax Son House recordings right before I checked your blog. My favorite part of the Lake Cormorant recordings is the steam engines chugging through them.
~Steve H.4/22/2005 05:45:31 AM|||Maxim de Winter|||Completely beautiful. Thanks so much for posting these. You're right - you seldom come across 'that feel' captured on disc as well as it is here.