4/11/2005 12:03:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Honey, Where You Been So Long is rapidly approaching its one year anniversary (5/22) and plans are underway to build a giant cake the shape of Ma Rainey and then eat it over the course of a week or until our teeth fall out. April 21st marks the second anniversary of Nina Simone's passing, my radio program Gate City Blues normally does a tribute show that week in her memory. I was thinking about doing a Nina Simone week, next week, but it might just be a few days I haven't decided.

Not much is known about Blind Jesse Harris other than he was an Alabama resident at the time of this recording in 1937 and he played a broken piano accordion that only had one bellow. Harris dubbed his instrument the "Macrodium" and performs this song unaccompanied which is unusual as most uses of accordion in blues music is accompanied by at least a guitar. Harris is a strong singer and the Macrodium provides a very haunting accompaniment to his deep deep voice.

Blind Jesse Harris - Been In The Jailhouse