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Teddy Darby is a fantastic blues musician out of St. Louis (by way of Indiana) who started to play guitar somewhat late in life (early 20s) after losing his vision due to glaucoma. Darby is a very solid guitar player - but his real talent is his voice and lyrics, something that is often over looked as he is mostly known for his work with Peetie Wheatstraw. Lot of his work features his solid,not remarkable cousin Tommy Webb on piano, Webb's stabbing death in the late 30s promoted Darby to give up the blues and turn his life towards God. This track I think is Darby's finest work, maybe cause I'm biased toward it's great chorus and its inclusion of my favorite blues standard line "But, yer three times seven/she knows what she ought to do"

Blind Teddy Darby - Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues|||111454131451861632|||Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy