4/22/2005 04:39:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||
Today is the last day of the Nina Simone tribute week, I hope that it has been as fun for as it has been for me digging through all these songs. We'll continue with our usual pre-war blues posts next Monday. These last two tracks are my last two "favorite picks" I know I didn't post Miss. Goddamn or Strange Fruit, but go out and pick up the 4 Woman box set (for very cheap on YourMusic.com) which includes all of her Phillips output, which in my opinion is her best work.

This first track is off her album Nina Simone and Piano, which, I think is her best post-Phillips recording, and features Nina accompanying herself on piano. It's pretty fantastic, and features some of Nina most assured vocal recordings.

Sinnerman, might be Nina's most famous song - and rightfully so. There isn't much to write about this song, as I don't want to give it away - but download this if you haven't heard it, it's really just amazing even after years of listening, much like Nina herself.

Nina Simone - I Think It's Going To Rain
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
|||111420238519278464|||I Think It's Going To Rain4/22/2005 04:42:59 PM|||Chris|||What a great week--thanks for all the Simone. I agree that "Nina Simone and Piano" is a tremendous, tremendous record..4/22/2005 05:59:26 PM|||Blimunda|||Hello,
I run into to this blog by chance in last couple days and I've just been enjoying a great deal. I took the liberty to post some of the links of the songs on my blog. If you do mind, please let me know.

You have great taste in music. Great job this week.
Susana4/22/2005 06:32:59 PM|||Anonymous|||Thanks for all the great stuff. This has just a tease for me until I pick up the box set.4/23/2005 08:07:42 AM|||Gunnar|||Susana, a better alternative is to post this link on your blog:
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